He couldn’t beat him! Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul sparked but there was no winner

Floyd Mayweather.

On a magnificent night Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul no advantages were taken within the ring. Undoubtedly, many expected that the legendary boxer would knock out the 26-year-old youtuber, something that could not really be appreciated. It was proven that he had a hard time landing a good shot, but it was still a great show for the fans. Without a winner, they both left happy.

There were eight spectacular rounds. In the first and second, Logan He came out with everything and even showed more than the legendary boxer. In fact, surprisingly, he landed a very good string of punches, which drove the fans crazy. Then the fatigue came quickly and the shots slowed down. But, that did not take away from the spectacularity of the fight and both were two warriors until the end.

A show! So were the entries of Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

Happiness for both sides

At the end of the fight, Mayweather He commented: “He is a very talented young man. I knew this was not going to be easy at all. He didn’t let me make it easy. He has talent and a great physique. Anyway, I’m not 21 years old anymore. I’m older and just measured myself with a Heavyweight. It is no small thing and I had a lot of fun here tonight. Thanks to the fans who were aware of all this.

It is an honor to have had this fight with him. He’s old, but it’s really hard to hit him. Thank you all very much, I love you all. I am really excited for this match. It was very good. I’m happy I was with a legend like Floyd. I will go to my house to see if he did not want to knock me out or if I was the one who did not leave him, “he also summarized Paul, who was very happy.

On the other hand, Logan commented: “Now I will go to the beach, to rest and to have a good time. It was a real honor. I love him and I love you all. I was here in the ring with one of the best of all time and that is no small thing for me. Maybe I’ll fight again soon I don’t know. Maybe come Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan paul 2, nobody knows. I hope you enjoyed it”.

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