“I was surprised,” Floyd Mayweather says of Logan Paul’s performance.

Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul

Floyd mayweather could not knock out Logan paul in his exhibition fight and although he did not leave the fans happy, he assured that he had a great moment on the ring with him YouTuber and was surprised by what the latter showed.

“I’m not 21 years old, I just came to have fun,” he said at the end of the fight. “He is a fighter who competes, he surprised me tonight. Against the heavyweights he will have complications, but I just want to thank everyone present, I really had a great time ”.

Paul He was somewhat exhausted after the fourth episode and in the sixth and seventh he received hard blows, but that did not put him in trouble.

However, the distance and the constant hugs prevented the final blow from Mayweather. Nevertheless, Floyd left open the possibility of returning for a future exhibition.

“I don’t know what’s coming for the future, I have to talk to my team and see what’s next,” he said. “I did this sport for more than 25 years and it was great tonight with all the fans.”

On the other hand, Paul He was happy after not being knocked out by the former world champion and put aside the attacks of the previous one to show his respect to Floyd.

“I don’t want anyone to tell me that something is never impossible,” he commented. “I fought one of the best of all time. I was able to do it, I’m the least favorite and I think it was really great. “

At the same time, Paul headed to Floyd With a smile in his eyes and a show of affection and between jokes he assured that he felt that he forgave him at the exhibition.

“It was an honor to fight you, it is one of the great honors of my life,” he mentioned. “You never know what can happen to a guy like Floyd. I don’t know if he let me survive or it was just my effort so I will go home ”.

Finally, the YouTuber 26-year-old left open the possibility of a second fight, but assured that for now he will go on vacation.

“It is very difficult to hit him,” he added. “I will go to rest these days. I would love a second fight, but I don’t know if I can do better next time. “

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