It stung! Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori strongly crossed paths

Israel Adesanya.

On an Instagram Live, Israel Adesanya Y Marvin vettori they were shot with very thick ammunition. Taking into account what will happen next weekend, in the UFC 263, champion and challenger are red hot and heat up the preview more than ever. Michael Bisping was the one who brought them together in the aforementioned social network, although he could hardly participate due to how tense the situation became between the fighters.

Starting with his sayings, Vettori He summed up: ‘I don’t like you, man. He laughs, but he will see. I’m going to settle the score once and for all, and I’m going to show the world who the best Middleweight is. I’m your fucking nightmare, buddy! I’ll be there all your life! How many times did you say you weren’t going to see me again? How many times did I prove you wrong? Try it. Please try it”.

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I hate you, damn it. Let it go! I’m going to finish the job. Last time you were hopeful because a dumb judge gave you that damn fight, when everyone else knows you lost that fight. This time I’ll make sure. You are going to look at me and you will realize that it is over. That’s all. You can not beat me. It’s like that crazy ex-girlfriend you left and she won’t leave you alone, “he replied. Adesanya.

Hotter than ever

At the same time, Israel He added: “That ex-girlfriend who will continue to stalk you, scratching your car, entering your workplace, harassing you, trying to get your attention in every way. Brother, you are the wet Italian dream! You are not a nightmare. You’re that little ex-lax dumpster. Your son Gastelum had every right to come and see me, but he does not, because in reality he is a man who believes that he will see me again.

Listen, I have a higher defense in the middleweight division than you do. And you mean that I can see you? He’s proving exactly the right thing to me with the way he thinks, and I love that he thinks that way. Yes, yes, you are right. My footwork is not working. I’m only going to fight you, friend. I’ll hold onto one leg and knock you down and eventually tear you apart. That is eventually what I am going to do, “he concluded. Marvin vettori.

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