Rueda bets on the collective solidarity of Colombia to stop Messi

Rueda bets on the collective solidarity of Colombia to stop Messi

Reinaldo Rueda pointed out that has the entire campus available to face Argentina this Tuesday in Barranquilla. He will maintain the historical style of the Colombian National Team to receive the second in the table and he expressed his opinion on the possibility of starting Wilmar Barrios.

The DT prepares his second game with the tricolor in this Qualifying Round. The team’s spirits are high due to the defeat of Peru in Lima, however, He emphasized the need to have order and a lot of concentration to add in the Metropolitan Stadium.

His best phrases at the press conference:

What the victory against Peru left: “That step that was taken in front of the Peruvian National Team is positive, undoubtedly we were living a very difficult situation and the game that Colombia played, with the result that was obtained, helps to strengthen mentally, to lighten the weight a little, more You have to keep your feet firmly on the ground, because now we are facing a very structured, very mature Argentine national team, who has men of the highest level. “

“Apart from our strength and mental control we have to have very high concentration, very good football and play the game with high intensity to be able to move forward”

Face Argentina: “The idea is that we continue to improve and demand that we play a good game against Argentina. You have to have order and high concentration. He has very high-level men. All of these parties demand accountability. Each one is a subject of great concentration. We have done everything possible so that the players arrive in the best way for this match “

Wilmar Barrios incumbent ?: “All the players and more the case of Wilmar, with his career, all his experience, the path he has made for the National Team, his last management with his club that is champion, I think he is a man with a great possibility of continuing to contribute to him. to the National Team for its leadership, all the credibility it has, and all this is positive for us, aware that it is a totally different party, it has other characteristics “.

Neutralize Messi: “The style of play does not mean having to alter it. That is a DNA that the Colombian player has that is difficult to extract from him and that because of Lionel’s presence, I don’t think it alters. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to take precautions, that it is necessary to have all the situations analyzed due to the great difference that Messi makes for all his potential and his talent. “

Many of them have already faced him, they know him very well, all his virtues, that is why we have to play a game of very good collective solidarity, of very good ball possession., to the extent that Colombia maintains that possession of the ball, it is one of the important ways to neutralize Messi and prevent him from making the slightest contact with the ball, which is his great virtue ”.

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