The best phrases of Lionel Scaloni, before facing Colombia

The best phrases of Lionel Scaloni, before facing Colombia

The coach of the Argentine National Team Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference ahead of the match against Colombia for the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The DT did not confirm the team, but said that he only has two doubts for the starters and will finish defining it in the training that the Albiceleste carries out in the afternoon. In addition, he referred to the game that will be played in Barranquilla, the situation of Franco Armani and the Copa América in Brazil that is approaching.

The best sentences:

– “I have almost defined the team, but we have the training this afternoon to define how are two players to finish evaluating, until the afternoon I will not have it confirmed”.

– “It can be a possibility to change the scheme to counteract the rival and do damage at the same time, it is a possibility.”

– “We couldn’t have Lo Celso and he’s coming back. Gonzalo (Montiel) is fine in principle, but you have to be totally sure that he can go out on the pitch and Exequiel (Palacios) came back very well the other day to train with us. We know very well how we want to play and the important thing is to have everyone available to get the best of them. “

– “Franco (Armani) bothers me, quite a lot, he played with River. We know that he has no possibility of infecting anyone and we cannot count on him. It is a very difficult and complex situation for him, he is a boy who wants to be with the group and the worst thing is not being able to accompany, that is bothering us. We do not know when it will be suitable to be available. Hopefully it can be resolved as soon as possible because we need it in the group. “

– “Otamendi is an option, he has always served us well and is a top player”.

– “Colombia is a great team and this coach is giving the team a good shape. All teams have their difficulties, they come from winning and it is a difficult team like so many others. The most important thing is to know the game they play, we will take safe but always thinking about what we can do “.

– “I don’t think we have suffered against Chile, he kicked twice at goal. We were not concrete in attack.”

– “I don’t have much to say about the public (in the game against Colombia), it is still strange. We are going through a delicate situation throughout South America.”

– “Agüero trained only one day with the team, that’s fine. Obviously, he lacks rhythm but that will catch on with training. We are happy that he is in the group, he is a person who contributes a lot.”

– “In terms of football, playing the Copa América in Argentina, Colombia or Brazil is the same. It opened up the possibility of adding young boys who are contributing a lot to the team, who convey a lot of enthusiasm with this shirt.”

– “What to base on the premises is basic, we would do the night before the game. I think that at a precautionary level it is the best and I was already prepared from the first moment for the America’s Cup, it is very important.”

– “All Leo games are with two or three players chasing him. Logically, if they do something different, we will see it there in the game. We are prepared to do something different and if it does not work, we can go back to the base. The mark on Leo we know how it is, we are used to it and we have assumed it “.

– “Always what we do is based on us and hurt the rival, it is not done just to counteract the rival.”

– “Lucas (Alario) is trying to recover, there was a change. The first impressions were good, the last days were not. Let’s wait and see how we define it.”

– “They guaranteed us that there will be no problems if there are protests in Colombia.”

– “We are not suffering at the brand, I think we are suffering more when it comes to achieving the rival goal. We have to generate more situations and score goals, that’s what we all want. Against Colombia we have to take some more defensive precaution, but It has nothing to do with the central steering wheel. “

– “What we said was to make a base in the property and that they have granted it, it is a great tranquility. I do not know what can happen now when the qualifying games are over. We are calmer because we are at home, but the concern continues to be “.

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