The impressive millionaire figure that Floyd Mayweather won before the fight with Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather.

Logan paul was a tough rival for Floyd mayweather, who couldn’t knock him out or throw him to the canvas. This Sunday night, the legendary boxer was measured against the renowned youtuber in the ring, in an eight-round fight and without judges. In this way, speaking with Showtime in the previous one, the billionaire athlete indicated the money he earned only in the previous one. Without having fought, it has already been filled with millions.

Starting with his sayings, Mayweather He highlighted the following in this regard: “I am fighting a YouTuber who thinks he is a real fighter. And I’m getting crazy money for it. I’ve already made $ 30 million for the fight alone. Just the accumulation, I’ve already made $ 30 million. Even if he made $ 50 million, that’s not bad for a guy who’s retired. “

He couldn’t beat him! Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul sparked but there was no winner

I guess boxing was the mashed potatoes. These guys are now the sauce. It’s fun and I was talking to the media and talking to people letting them know that, ‘Remember, Floyd mayweather, I retired from boxing, but I did not retire from entertainment and I did not retire from making money, ‘”he also expressed, making clear what he won for the event, before getting into the ring.

He knows what he wants

Also, about what’s coming, Floyd He reported: “I guess they thought that since I stopped fighting the best in the sport of boxing at my age, because remember, I retired at 40, they thought I would just go home, turn gray. , gain weight, gain a lot of weight, but I decided to have fun. There is a difference between respect and lack of respect.

“Untying my shoe, my son’s mother passed away last year, talking about her, touching my hat… it’s about reciprocity. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Once again, Conor McGregor had something to do with this event. Jake Paul has nothing to do with this event, “he concluded. Floyd mayweather, who could not beat the youtuber Logan paul on display.

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