A Uruguayan youtuber seeks to fight with Chino Maidana


The Uruguayan youtuber Yao Cabrera challenged the Chinese Maidana to a boxing match, for a crossing that would define his situation in Argentina. Now everyone wants to be like Logan paul.

Today, the boxing business proposes openings that let you make money in unexpected niches. With the rage of streamers, youtubers, instagramers and influencers, attracting young audiences implies collecting from those sectors.

Consumption changed, both in terms of entertainment and information. On-demand programming is one of the main laws, especially for those who have everything within reach of a click.

Maybe that’s why, Cabrera decided to challenge Marcos René Maidana and make a very strong bet depending on the result of said potential clash.

“If you give RT and FAV to this tweet, I challenge the Chinese Maidana to a boxing match. If he beats me, I will leave Argentina forever ”, the influencer tweeted.

Jorge “Acero” Cali, representative of Maidana, He has already communicated with the native of Montevideo, to be able to negotiate the event.

The youtuber received confirmation from the son of Chino Maidana

Marcos “Rufus” Maidana, eldest son of the eponymous former world champion, sent a video to confirm the duel between his father and Yao Cabrera. In addition, he called the youtuber a “violin”, in reference to the accusations of sexual abuse that he has to his credit.

Yao Cabrera, the influencer most hated by the South American public

Too bad that despite his millions of followers, the content of Yao Cabrera It is the greatest exponent of media garbage. Screams, insults, discrimination, lack of respect and even physical attacks, are some of the edges that emerge from his recordings.

Among his most disgusting attitudes, the countless number of kisses he has given to minors stands out. When he was 20 years old, he kissed girls 12 and under, at many of the events he organized.

Yao Cabrera kissing minors.

In addition, he was involved in a complaint for group sexual abuse, along with his colleagues Lucas Castel, Gonzalo fonseca Y Fabricio Lemus, during 2017. All due to an event that happened a few years ago.

The key image in the group sexual assault case.

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