Argentina come back against Denmark in preparation match for Tokyo

Argentina come back against Denmark in preparation match for Tokyo

Argentina’s U23 team came back on Tuesday against Denmark (2-1) in their first friendly match in preparation for the Olympic Games, played in the Spanish town of Marbella (Spain).

Fernando Batista’s team, who was behind on the scoreboard from minute 56 with a goal from Emil Kornvig despite having had opportunities to get ahead on the scoreboard, such as a shot at the crossbar by Martín Payero, found the reward for their effort and faith in the last bars, in which he avoided defeat.

A maximum penalty from the Danish goalkeeper on Adolfo Gaich transformed by Ezequiel Barco, from Atlanta United, and a header from Fausto Vera, from Argentinos Juniors, after a precise cross from the San Lorenzo player Marcelo Herrera, signed the Albiceleste comeback in this first clash of the stay at the Marbella Football Center.

Fernando Batista formed from the start with Jeremías Ledesma, Marcelo Herrera, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Claudio Bravo, Martín Payero, Tomás Belmonte, Fernando Valenzuela, Thiago Almada, Agustín Urzi and Ezequiel Ponce. Francisco Ortega, Pedro de la Vega, Fausto Vera, Santiago Colombatto, Adolfo Gaich, Ezequiel Barco and Leonel Mosevich also played.

Argentina will play its second match in Marbella next Tuesday against Saudi Arabia starting at 5:00 p.m. local time (15:00 GMT).

Party synthesis

Argentina: 1- Jeremías Ledesma; 13- Marcelo Herrera, 2- Nehuén Pérez, 14- Facundo Medina, 3- Claudio Bravo; 21- Martín Payero, 17- Tomás Belmonte, 7- Fernando Valenzuela, 20- Thiago Almada, 19- Agustín Urzi; 18- Ezequiel Ponce. Substitutes: 12- Joaquín Blázquez, 23- Lautaro Morales, 8- Santiago Colombatto, 9- Adolfo Gaich, 11- Esequiel Barco, 15- Fausto Vera, 10- Matías Vargas, 22- Francisco Ortega, 6- Leonel Mosevich, 4- Hernán De La Fuente, 5- Pedro De La Vega.

Changes: Vera x Belmonte; De La Vega x Valenzuela; Ortega x Bravo; Barco x Urzi; Gaich x Ponce; Colombatto x Payero; Mosevich x Pérez

Denmark: 1- Lucas Lund, 6- Rasmus Cartensen, 4- Mathias Jensen, 3- Frederik Winther, 19- Oliver Bundgaard, 5- Jacob Christensen, 7- Magnus Warming, 10- Victor Jensen, 11- Emil Kornvig, 17- Emil Friederiksen, 18- Nikolai Baden. Substitutes: 12- Marcus Hannesbo, 2- Oliver Villadsen, 8- Magnus Kaastrup, 9- Mikkel Kaufmann, 13- Tochi Chukwuani, 14- Jacob Haahr, 15- William Boving, 16- Andreas Jungdal, 20- Valdemar Lund.

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