Ezequiel Matthysse challenged the youtuber who looked for Maidana


Ezekiel Matthysse challenged Yao Cabrera, the Uruguayan youtuber who wants to fight against him Chinese Maidana.

With well-shod gloves, the last link in the dynasty Matthysse looked for Cabrera through his Instagram, and invited him to fight.

Yao CabreraThey told me that you are looking for me too ”, posted the Chubut from his official account. “So I challenge you to just one sparring (live or however you like) at 4 rounds, no more. And, if you can put up with them, we’ll see that we fix it. “

“Surely, the great Chinese Maidana don’t accept your challenge, because we all know he can send you to the hospital with your hands tied, if he wants. I await your answer “, sentenced who comes from beating him by knockout. Emanuel Jeremías Godoy.

Ezequiel Matthysse responded to the insistence of the youtuber

In an interview for LEFT PUNCH, Ezekiel Matthysse He told how he came to challenge the youtuber and what motivates him to beat him.

“A lot of followers of mine began to write to me,” revealed the eldest son of the former boxer. Walter Matthysse. “They started to mention me in publications, to tag me. For example, in one that went up Jorge Steel Cali (representative of Marcos Maidana). They put me Yao Cabrera he was looking for me ”.

“Later, I also saw other comments, asking me to ‘break everything.’ I didn’t understand anything, until I saw the news that Yao I was challenging the Chinese Maidana. I know he is the most hated influencer in Argentina, but I understand that it is his job, “he continued. Matthysse.

“He himself seeks to make himself hated, because he knows that he generates a lot of controversy. He makes people talk a lot, that they comment to him and that is what he seeks. It must be all part of his show ”, El Niño Terrible referred to the media career of his potential opponent.

In addition, the Trelew-born gave his forecast for the rivalry between Marcos René Maidana and the young Uruguayan.

“I think that he Chinese Maidana sleeps it Yao Cabrera) in the first three seconds. I was going to say 10 seconds, but no. Its alot. In the first three, and with his hands tied, or with only one hand, ”said the 22-year-old boy.

Ezequiel Matthysse prepares his next official presentation

For his fourth professional appearance, Ezekiel Matthysse will face Carlos Dante Moyano. Said lawsuit will be in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, next Saturday night.

“Well, I prepare super well. I have been in Córdoba for three months, with my wife. Training full with the teacher Caesar Colonel, and in the morning I do the physical part with Agustin Rosso. I’m going to get there well, I’m better than ever, “warned the nephew of the former world champions Luke Y Soledad Matthysse.

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