Fabio Quartararo explained what happened to him at the Catalan Grand Prix

Fabio Quartararo

After the controversy lived in the Catalan Grand Prix, where Fabio Quartararo He took off his chest protectors in one of the curves of the Catalan circuit, many voices were raised about it. However, the most important was the pilot of Yamaha. Until now, the reasons why Quartararo ran a few laps with his chest uncovered were unknown. Now, the pilot himself assured that he was very lucky with what happened.

The Frenchman spoke after the race and assured that the jumpsuit zipper unzipped and that he had several problems. Because of that, he removed the chest protectors as they had come loose. After the race, the sports commissioners had not released any official penalty for this situation, until a few hours later, six seconds were added and he finished in sixth position.

The MotoGP riders pointed to Fabio Quartararo for the controversy on Sunday

After this new penalty, Quartararo erupted in anger and uploaded a story to social networks shooting at his competitors. “Congratulations to everyone who has asked for another sanction to be applied to me. I didn’t put anyone in danger as a driver and it was hard for me to ride like that. But it’s okay to see the true faces of some people. Just thank all the people who support me and who have helped me in these difficult times. See you next time, ”he wrote.


However, the championship leader spoke more calmly after what happened and made it clear that he should have been sanctioned more harshly. “I think looking back at what happened, I can be happy. It’s hard to admit, but for me it was a black flag. It is true that I put myself in danger. Also considering what happened the week before, I think it was the right thing to do. I was lucky ”, he assured.

After this confession, where he assured that he regretted what happened, Quartararo did not miss the chance to criticize the commissioners for the first sanction on Sunday. “The only penalty that I don’t agree with was shortening the track in the first two corners, because I don’t see it as fair. I lost seven tenths, but if I lost a second then they would not have penalized me. How do I know on the bike that I have lost seven tenths and not a second? It was a bit stupid, ”Fabio told Motosan.es.

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