He does not lose the illusion: Claudio Puelles, the Peruvian who dreams of making history in the UFC

Claudio Puelles.

Saturday night, Claudio Puelles placeholder image reappeared in the octagon of UFC and he was a very talented star. The South American beat the American Jordan Leavitt in the Lightweights, kicking off what was a magnificent evening at UFC Vegas 28. Being that way, he left everyone in his country with great enthusiasm, as well as all of Latin America. Now, he’s going for more.

In the first round, Docks he didn’t have a very good time. But, lifting his head, he bounced back in the later rounds and was ultimately left with a gigantic victory for what was to come next. However, the great 25-year-old South American athlete prevailed thanks to the cards, which were left with 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28 in his favor. As expected, the judges’ score on the Apex left him well off.

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Initially, Docks gave a press conference: «I took his undefeated record. All those hard rounds in the gym pay off. I train with some of the best in the world. I have three wins in a row now. I’m still at it. I have been training hard every day. I know the Octagon was two years away, but I still work out in the gym every week. I hope I can get two more this year.

«I showed some improvements, but I still have a lot to show. You will see more of me. I just need a couple more fights and people will realize that I am a threat. I just need time to train and improve. Every time I go in there, people will see my improvements. I’m definitely going to be busy this year. It’s difficult to stay relevant with just one fight a year, “said the Peruvian.

What he said in the previous

“This is actually my first camp here, but I love it. I love the atmosphere. I love training so I could be doing all my camps here. So after this fight, I’ll go home, relax a bit, and go back to training. The first day I went in, I was doing pads with someone in the octagon, “he mentioned. Claudio Puelles placeholder image before their fight.

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