He went out to defend himself: Roman Dolidze says he did not want to be beaten by Laureano Staropoli

Roman Dolidze.

Saturday night at the UFC Vegas 28, Roman dolidze he went home with a great victory. The aforementioned crossed paths with one of the best Argentines in the company, Laureano Staropoli. Without a doubt, the South American has great power in his fists, so, from a distance, he could have done him a lot of damage. That being the case, that was precisely what she avoided by hugging him against the cage.

It was a boring fight, but Roman dolidze beat Laureano Staropoli and that was what mattered to him. The Georgian tried absolutely nothing more than to embrace the opposite and win over time. By having almost 80% dominance, he was left with the victory and embittered the illusion of the extraordinary Argentine fighter. However, he was liquidated on social media for his strategy.

Very angry! Laureano Staropoli could not against a fighter who did not want to fight

«I had two weeks of preparation and you do this to me. You did not dare to fight », were some of the words he left Staropoli at the end of the contest, making it clear that his rival did not want to exchange blows. Understanding that the South American had perhaps more power than him, the Georgian was smart and finally went home smiling. Otherwise, the South American is still upset.

He admitted the game idea

Thus, Dolidze He recounted: “I tried to play smart. He knew what he could do and what he had. For me, it was about the game plan. I knew he is a good striker. I didn’t want something to get on my face, because my family comes to Las Vegas and I didn’t want my face to be damaged. That’s why I kept it easy. I’m happy I won the fight, but to put on a show it’s better to hit more. Next time”.

It is known that the strategies can be different. In fact, it was not the most showy victory for Roman dolidze, making everyone in Latin America very angry about this fight. However, Laureano had everything to be able to kill him if it gave him more chances to hit, but he took advantage of each attempt to hug him and take him against the cage. This being the case, it was almost impossible for “Pepi.”

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