Keep rising: Montana de la Rosa, growing stronger in UFC

Montana de la Rosa.

Last Saturday, in the UFC Vegas 28, Montana de la Rosa he was left with an impressive victory. After a shocking knockout, she defeated Ariane Lipski and continues to grow within the division, making it clear that she is ready for anything. In that sense, it was one of the best fights of the night, so, in conversation with the press after the event, he highlighted how he experienced his triumph.

Starting with his sayings, de la Rosa He reported the following about the fight: “Just when I threw that first elbow, I could see it in his eyes. I looked into her eyes and she finished after that. He just had to go back to the same place, but he wasn’t forcing the takedown. After watching her fight Antonina (Shevchenko), I knew I was going to be able to dominate her on the ground, but I wasn’t going to force the takedown. “

Shocking! This is how Ariane Lipski’s face was after being disfigured by Montana de la Rosa

“I knew that after landing a couple of punches, she would try to step up because she is a pressure fighter and that I was going to solidify the takedown. I feel much more complete now and more confident. I am always afraid to enter there, all fighters have it, “he also commented, making it clear that there is a kind of uncertainty when he goes up to the Octagon.

What’s more, Mountain He was forceful and acknowledged: “But I have to go ahead with that. It feels great to finish again. My first three fights of UFC They were late and then I had a lot of long rounds of three. It didn’t feel good. There is no doubt that the aforementioned is at an impressive level, which has led it to remain among the best in the present.

Is happy

After the battle, Montana de la Rosa She told Michael Bisping, “This is a very exciting night for me. I was able to finish it and I am really very happy with this win. I was hitting her and when I was able to get the position I was looking for, I finished it. That’s something we train a lot in the gym. I’m going to take a couple of months to be with my daughter. I have not been with her in the last time.

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