President of Ecuador visits the national team prior to the match with Peru

President of Ecuador visits the national team prior to the match with Peru

The Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso, visited the members of the Ecuador selection that tomorrow Tuesday they will face Peru for the Qualifiers.

Lasso, accompanied by his Sports Minister, Sebastián Palacios, went to “La Casa de la Selección”, the headquarters of the team led by Argentine Gustavo Alfaro and which is third in the qualifying table of positions.

Alfaro and the president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), Francisco Egas, received the government delegation headed by the president who also took the opportunity to talk with several players.

“Welcome to this house where we celebrate the joys, we cry the sadness and we create the dream of the Ecuadorians who are fans of the national team”, said Egas in statements reproduced by the General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency.

“For me it is a source of pride and personal satisfaction to be in the ‘House of the National Team’ with you. To see your face is to see beautiful stories of life and personal effort,” said President Lasso.

You represent the values ​​of Ecuadorians: effort, dedication, work, honor. They are the living flesh of that cry of yes we can! That touches the heart and soul. I wish you the best. Tomorrow I will be accompanying them and celebrating the great plays, “added the head of state.

Lasso also tried to compare his management with the effort of the players to try to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“I have to play a game where I hope to score goals against hunger, chronic child malnutrition due to lack of adequate nutrition. I have to score a goal against poverty so that more Ecuadorians can join active life.”

He also stressed that in his administration he has to “score a goal against unemployment” and “beat the pandemic a win by getting vaccines” against covid-19.

Thus, asked the players to become promoters of the process and encourage Ecuadorians to “attend the vaccination centers; to understand that it is a responsibility, not only with them, but with their families and society,” to receive the doses to slow the rise of the disease.

Also, and as a grandfather, he asked the player Kitu Díaz for a recorded message for his 9-year-old grandson Guillermo Javier, which was recorded and broadcast by the FEF.

Ecuador is in third place in the South American table, with 9 points, after Brazil and Argentina, and has accumulated three victories and two defeats so far.

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