The MotoGP riders pointed to Fabio Quartararo for the controversy on Sunday

Fabio Quartararo

This Sunday the Catalan Grand Prix from MotoGP. The victory was taken by the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira, but the focus of the controversy was for the World Cup leader: Fabio Quartararo. The French driver made an unacceptable mistake in this category, removing his chest protectors and driving at over 300 kilometers per hour with his chest exposed. This came less than a week after Jason Dupasquier’s death, causing the hearts of several fans to seize upon seeing him.

Many pilots expressed their discomfort when seeing the images of Quartararo with his chest exposed. The World Cup leader was sanctioned for this situation with three seconds (in addition to the sanction in the race, for which he finished sixth). The first to go out to the crossroads was Miguel Oliveira, who like a large part of the paddock riders asked for the Yamaha driver to be excluded for endangering his physical integrity.

Surprise: Miguel Oliveira won the MotoGP Grand Prix of Catalonia

“I don’t remember anything like this ever happening in the past. Sometimes we have seen that parts of the motorcycles have come off, but when it is a question of the safety of the riders, it is the Race Direction that has to make that decision. And if it is clear on television that the monkey cannot be closed, for his own safety the black flag should have been waved “, said the winner of the race, as confirmed by the media.

“It is dangerous”

On the other hand, the last champion of the category, Joan Mir, he had no mercy when he saw the images of Quartararo pulling his protector. “What I see as very dangerous is throwing off the bib. It is plastic and it is dangerous. Motorcycles come at 200 kilometers per hour behind. Of course, that is punishable. I think it endangers the other riders, that’s the way it is. You have to learn from this. I wouldn’t want a bib thrown in my face in another race. You have to set an example with penalties, not because it’s Fabio, far from it “

Finally, another of the historic champions of MotoGP, the australian Casey Stoner, was another of the protagonists of the controversy. Stoner, like several, also requested the black flag for the French pilot for having removed the protectors. “Whether or not the zipper was lowered on purpose, Quartararo, I think they should have raised a black flag. At this level it is not possible to run at more than 350 km / h with the suit open ”, he shot.

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