This is how Luisito Comunica lived the Mayweather and Logan Paul fight

Así es como Luisito Comunica vivió la pelea de Mayweather y Logan Paul

The youtuber Luisito Communicates Despite his busy traveling schedule to make his famous videos, he took time to watch the exhibition fight between Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul and he told how he lived it.

In a world where social media celebrities are getting involved in boxing, like it did Logan paul, Luisito Communicates he was no stranger to observing this phenomenon. Luisito It’s one of the YouTubers most followed Mexicans in the world with 36.5 million followers in Youtube, and more than 26 million in Instagram.

“What he did makes me very cannon Logan paulHe made his fights small and people thought he was going to go down because of Japan and look at him, “he said.

The influencer did a little coverage of how the fight between Money and Paul, even though he doesn’t know much about the sport.

“I don’t know anything about boxing, but I can tell you what’s going on,” he argued.

The battle narrated by Luisito Comunica

Luisito who was accompanied by his girlfriend, they made a bet on who would win the fight, the youtuber said of the Team Loganwhile his girlfriend was Team Mayweather.

“It would be incredible if Logan to win, it would be very cool, in fact we are already betting 200 pesos and dinner, “he added.

And it was until the sex round, where Luisito He gave a report again saying that the youtuber had already run out of gas.

“No mom .. it’s already worth v … our friend PaulHe already looks tired and there are two rounds to go ”, he clarified.

Later, at the end of the eighth round of the confrontation, ‘El Pillo’ gave his conclusions about this show that he was able to enjoy.

Mayweather clearly won, but he lasted all eight rounds. Logan paul, he did very well, but we felt that Mayweather If I had wanted to, I would have knocked him out, but it was fun, it was worth paying the 50 dollars, “he said.

In the end, Luisito Communicates He paid his 200 pesos to his girlfriend, to put an end to these stories on his social networks.

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