Unusual! Roman Dolidze apologizes for his fight and Laureano Staropoli challenges him to a rematch

Laureano Staropoli.

After what was a disappointing performance by Roman dolidze, Laureano Staropoli it was forceful. The Georgian raised a somewhat boring fight against the Argentine in the UFC Vegas 28, which upset not only his rival, but all Latinos as well. In this way, the winner apologized on social networks and “Pepi” crossed him so that they would fight again, although with another strategy.

On your personal Instagram account, Roman dolidze He posted: «Thank you very much to all my fans !! For those of you who are not very happy with the result and the show, I understand the disappointment… but it is what it is, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win! They don’t need to fuck around! Thanks to my opponent and good luck in his career? @pepilaureanocb ».

He went out to defend himself: Roman Dolidze says he did not want to be beaten by Laureano Staropoli

In turn, the Georgian had said: ‘I tried to play smart. He knew what he could do and what he had. For me, it was about the game plan. I knew he is a good striker. I didn’t want something to get on my face, because my family comes to Las Vegas and I didn’t want my face to be damaged. That’s why I kept it easy. I’m happy I won the fight, but to put on a show it’s better to hit more. Next time”.

Staropoli’s response

At the beginning of your text, Staropoli He was angry and wrote the following to Dolidze: «You are in the biggest event in the world where every fighter would like to be… To fight like you did yesterday? … I had only 2 weeks to prepare and give the show that people deserve. I don’t care about the defeat, but what you showed yesterday is a shame for the fans.

I accept your apology, but only if you give me a rematch and fight like a real man. After that you can show that you are worthy to be in @ufc. Are you up for it? ”, Concluded the Argentine, who clearly was not satisfied and wants more. Then, in another post, the one from La Plata wrote: “I hope that in my next fight my opponent will have the balls to fight me ????”.

Post by Laureano Staropoli.

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