“It was stupid”: Dana White made fun of Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight

Dana White.

Following the weekend’s boxing show, the President of UFC, Dana White, it was expressed. The aforementioned, in conversation with UFC Arabia, made it clear that “it was stupid” what people did to see Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul in action. That being the case, the boss doesn’t understand how they could pay to watch a fight they knew would be boring. Therefore, his words quickly went viral.

Starting with his sayings, White He acknowledged the following about it: “That wasn’t a fucking boxing match. Like I said before, there will always be a market for that kind of thing. There will always be people who are willing to pay $ 50 to see that kind of thing. That is far from what we do. Think about this, imagine if Kim Kardashian wanted to fight Amanda Nunes.

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How big do you think that fight would be? It would be huge. It would be the biggest event, but give me a fucking break. It’s exactly what boxing has always been. You create this energy around a fight where you say ‘oh this is exciting’ and then you look at it and then turn off the television and say ‘I just lost another night, I should have gone out or done something else,’ “said the president.

Got upset

For its part, Dana He stated, “I don’t want people to feel like this when they turn off the television and watch some of our fights. You’re going to have the fans, you’ll have a card one night and they’ll say ‘this card, blah blah blah’. So you look at the card and the card is amazing. You get at least two, three, or four big fights that you probably weren’t expecting. Then when he turns off the TV, he’s glad he saw it.

«That is the product that I sell. That’s what I like. I’m not trying to fuck with these other guys. Listen, if you have people who are stupid enough to spend that amount of money, you deserve to take the money from those fools. They deserve it. The guys who went out and fought and got you to pay $ 50, they deserve your money. You are stupid, “he concluded Dana White.

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