Joan Mir got tired of the criticism and fired hard: “Hate, Envy And Nonsense”

Joan Mir

Joan Mir is the last world champion of MotoGP. Although the Spanish took advantage of the absence of Marc Márquez in the 2020 championship, the driver of Suzuki he became very strong throughout the campaign and based on incredible consistency, he won the crown. However, the Spaniard assures that his title is little valued in his country, where the criticisms contain “Hate, envy and nonsense”.

After fulfilling her dream, everything seemed to be rosy for Joan Mir. A driver for whom most of the fans did not give much and who based on good performances won the title. However, the criticism of his figure did not take long to arrive. Several media from his country and fans devalued the crown since Márquez was not in the paddock.

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2020 was a complicated year, that is undeniable. However, that is not why Mir’s title is worth less than the rest. For several years the Suzuki rider has shown that he is a figure to take into account, something that is not recognized by the media in his country, at least that is how he assured it in the last hours as confirmed by the Spanish media Mundo Deportivo.


When it came to responding if criticized by the media bothered him, Mir did not hesitate and fired with thick ammunition. “I am honest with you, I am very sorry that in Spain my title is so little valued when in other countries like Italy I am much more considered. I feel more loved ”, Joan confessed in the interview.

“Here in the comments I see hatred, envy and nonsense of those that lead nowhere. But they have found one who does not care enough about all this. I come here, I do my job, thank God I do it well and I go home calmly. I also tell you that fortunately not everyone is like that ”, he added. This year, Mir will seek to revalidate a title that can confirm him as a star of the paddock

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