Max Verstappen already starts the war with Lewis Hamilton: “I don’t care what he says”

Max Verstappen

After the classification of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Lewis hamilton He was very happy to have finished in the top three. The pace of the Briton’s car was well below expectations, eventually putting him very close to his rival, Max verstappen. However, the morale of the Dutchman is through the roof and he assured that he is one step above the British, despite the latter thinking otherwise: “I don’t care what you say“Said Max.

The last weekend was a frustration for Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver was leading comfortably when he hit the barriers hard after a puncture on his left rear wheel. This left the doors open for Lewis Hamilton to regain the leadership of the World Cup. Formula 1But the Brit couldn’t finish in the points either.

Checo Pérez’s happiness after winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Although the result was not good, Verstappen believes he is at a much higher level than Hamilton. The Dutchman started a mental game that he rarely demonstrated and that is why he is seen declaring some things rarely seen. “I think if I had been in his car, I would still be two tenths faster than him. I don’t care what he says, ”he shot without hesitation after the weekend in Azerbaijan.

I’m sorry for the abandonment

Having finished out of the points, Verstappen pointed out that the team car Red bull is still much more competitive than that of Mercedes, at least in the urban circuits. “It seems that we have an advantage over Mercedes. That is exactly why I would have liked to score more points. Of course it is important that Hamilton did not score, but I would have preferred to go with the victory, “Max told a Dutch channel.

Due to this superiority, Verstappen regretted not finishing the race, which would have meant a further advantage in the championship. “I am sure that in other circuits it will be much more difficult. Our car was very good, but I honestly hope a Mercedes very strong on normal circuits. I feel bad for this missed opportunity. We need those points throughout the season, “he said.

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