Official: Marc Márquez confirmed that he will be in the next races

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez seems to be gradually recovering the physical level he had at the end of the 2019 season. The eight-time world champion wants to leave behind the nightmare that the fall of Sherry and the 2020 season. However, he still cannot find the right moment to fight for the victories again. Only in the French Grand Prix was ahead, until a fall.

Then, the physical condition of the Spanish was falling. In addition, the successive falls in the tests were wearing down Márquez. However, the team driver Repsol Honda wants already announced that he will continue to push little by little to be 100% again in the next races, something that with his physical condition and the level of the bike, seems difficult to achieve, but considering that Márquez knows about epics, no it is impossible.

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The last weekend you could see a Marc Márquez a little more competitive. The exit left him well ahead, and he fought alongside Aleix Espargaró, which came in fifth place. However, after seven laps he fell to the ground. Despite the fall, Márquez says that start was the best of the season. “I have enjoyed those first seven laps. My race ran out too early, but at least they came out. If you have nothing to teach, it does not go out. I have tried and it has come out ”, he commented.

Upcoming races

Despite the words of the Repsol Honda boss, where he warned that they could stop in case of a lot of pain, Márquez confirmed that he will continue running. “Yes Yes Yes. Yes i will GermanyUnless the movie changes a lot tomorrow. I have decided to face up and not be a coward. The easy thing would be to say I’m not ready, I’m staying home and I’ll be back. It is the only way I have to be on the bike. There is a risk, of course, but we will have to continue riding ”.

On the other hand, the native of Cervera has already announced that the Sachsenring it favors your physical condition. “We will see what happens in Germany. A priori I have to suffer less, because the curves are all to the left and that will help me but, as long as we continue to have the same problems that we have had, there is little we can do. We will see, we will see if there we can be a little further ahead ”, he said to sentence.

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