Renovation underway? Red Bull continues to praise Checo Pérez: “Exceeds expectations”

Sergio Pérez

In the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the team Red bull he had everything to achieve a doublet more than expected. However, a puncture caused in the car of Max verstappen, left only one of the cars in the race: that of Czech Pérez. The Mexican did everything the team asked of him, and even won the victory, something that satisfied the leaders: «Exceeds expectations«, They commented.

For the first time in several years, Red Bull has a second driver to match. Checo Pérez was more than just a squire this weekend. The Mexican advanced to Lewis hamilton after the pit stop, and even defended himself from their attacks for several laps. Now many are already asking for his renewal, since they understand that the Mexican found the ideal team.

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In the last hours, Red Bull boss Christian Horner assured that Pérez could have overtaken his teammate if he had not had problems in the pits. In case it had happened, Pérez could have beaten Verstappen on the track for the first time since he is at Red Bull, something that he could achieve in qualifying.

“If I hadn’t wasted time at the first stop, I would have been just ahead of Max at the pit exit. That was how good his rhythm was. It was phenomenal, like the way he contained Lewis. It was a show of class and that victory is great for their confidence. Now he is in third place in the Drivers’ World Championship, which exceeds initial expectations, ”said Horner.


Despite the euphoria of the fans, Horner wanted to clarify that it is not yet time to talk about renewal for Pérez. “I am delighted for him, happy for the team and the effort that has gone into behind the scenes, and also for all of our suppliers, who are working incredibly hard. But we are only in the sixth race of 23, and there is a lot left. Checo is enjoying himself in the team, he’s doing a great job and he just has to keep doing the same ”, he clarified.

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