Sweden tightens its protocols in the face of the two Covid cases

Sweden tightens its protocols in the face of the two Covid cases

The Swedish soccer team has tightened control and precautionary measures to reduce the possibility of new infections after the positives for covid-19 of Dejan Kulusevski and Mattias Svanberg were confirmed on Tuesday.

Swedish players will now undergo daily rapid tests and the number of PCR tests will be increased., informed the Swedish Federation after a meeting held last night between the medical team and the team’s management.

The tactical talks will take place in small groups and larger locals, the treatment of the players will be reduced and will be carried out as far as possible outdoors and group activities will be suspended indoors.

The new protocol includes further limiting the number of players in the gym and other venues, as well as minimizing bus trips.

The Swedish Federation had announced Kulusevski’s positive on Tuesday afternoon and a couple of hours later, before the start of training, Svanberg’s was reported: both have been isolated and will not be able to be lined up in the debut match in the Eurocup. next Monday at La Cartuja against Spain.

Swedish doctors believe that the Juventus player was infected last week, when the 26 selected had several days off after playing a friendly against Finland and before entering the “bubble”.

Kulusevski, who has already passed the virus, felt a bit cold on Tuesday morning, before PCR was done on the whole group, and was subjected to a rapid test, which came back positive, according to the chief of medical services. , Anders Valentin.

Kulusevski had already presented anomalous values ​​in a test on Thursday, but when he was negative in two subsequent tests he was considered fit and played the friendly against Armenia (3-1).

“This is not an outbreak, but a case. We hope there will be no more,” Valentin had said.

Coach Jan “Janne” Andersson will not call up anyone in place of Kulusevski, but he has yet to say anything about Svanberg.

The recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency, which has opted for a gentler strategy against the pandemic, state that if there are no symptoms, training can be continued as long as it is outdoors, so the Swedish team will continue working in a group outdoors.

Unlike the Spanish team, which has also reported two positives (Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente), Sweden rules out vaccinating its players before the tournament, due to lack of time for the immunization to take effect and because it does not consider it ethical.

“It would not be right for us to be vaccinated before the rest of the population,” Andersson said.

Neither Kulusevski nor Svanberg are regular starters, although while the Juventus attacker was an alternative as a forward or right inside, the Bologna player is one of the replacements to the starting midfielder pair, Olsson and Ekdal.

The Swedish coach, Jan “Janne” Andersson, criticized this Wednesday that Juventus attacker Dejan Kulusevski, positive for coronavirus, had dinner with several friends on his days off but ruled out that the player will be punished.

After the announcement of Kulusevski’s positive, followed hours later by that of midfielder Mattias Svanberg, a video of the player began to circulate on social networks at a home with several friends, uploaded to Youtube on May 31, coinciding with the rest granted before entering the “bubble”.

“I have seen him and I have spoken with Dejan. The story is that he and his girlfriend were invited by his sister and her boyfriend to have dinner at their house. When they got there, several of his friends gave him a surprise,” he said in press conference at the Swedish rally in Gothenburg (west) Andersson.

Andersson explained that the player, who already had the disease for a long time, believed that he could not be infected again, so he was not “so worried”, but that he regrets what happened and his attitude.

“He has realized that it was not good at all, and the same I think,” said the coach.

The Swedish technician believes almost with “total security” that he was not infected there or during the recording of a commercial, but when he met a relative.

“I don’t believe in retaliation, for me it’s about talking to people and then moving on. He’s the one who regrets what happened the most in the world. He’s welcome back when he’s healthy.”, He said.

Andersson admitted that the positives of Kulusevski and Svanberg have created “uneasiness” in the group, but defended the decision to grant days off to the players, who started the concentration before most of the teams.

“You can’t completely control people, you can have a good dialogue and trust their responsibility. No bubble is 100 percent safe.” said the head of medical services, Anders Valentin.

Valentin believes that it was Kulusevski who infected Svanberg, who is asymptomatic and has a low viral load, in fact today he tested negative in a rapid test, so he considers it “extremely unlikely” that he could have infected someone.

Both players are isolated and safe for their Euro Cup debut in Sweden against Spain on Monday at La Cartuja.

Andersson pointed out that he thinks “all the time” about different alternatives, but considers that by still having 24 healthy players there is “margin”, so he rules out for the moment creating an alternative bubble with others, as Luis Enrique has done with the national team. Spanish.

The Brentford center-back Pontus Jansson was absent from training on Wednesday with the Swedish National Team feeling “weak”, but the coronavirus tests that have been carried out are negative, the Swedish Football Federation reported.

“He tested negative and is a bit weak … People could feel weak before there was covid. There is nothing new,” Swedish coach Jan “Janne” Andersson told a press conference at the concentration in Gothenburg.

The head of the medical services, Anders Valentin, explained that the players were subjected to a rapid test this morning and that they all tested negative and that this afternoon they will undergo PCR tests, a routine that will be repeated tomorrow and the rest of the days.

“His tests have been negative despite having some symptoms. If the symptoms were from covid-19, they should have tested positive, so it is reassuring.”affirmed Valentin.

Jansson, 30, a regular substitute, later joined the concentration and has not participated in any of the friendlies, as Andersson wanted to give him rest after a long season with Brentford, which culminated in promotion to the Premier League.

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