Tense weather! Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori crossed paths in a hotel and were spicy

Israel Adesanya.

In a hotel, Israel Adesanya Y Marvin vettori They came face to face, with no security or anyone to control them. Moments ago, the Welterweight champion crossed paths with his next rival in the UFC 263, the one who will try to remove the belt. In fact, the Italian just claimed the jackpot, so “Izzy” made fun of him. From what could be seen, there is not much friendship between them.

When crossing, Vettori He said, “Where’s my belt?” “What belt?” Izzy replied. Given that, the Italian commented: “My belt.” With a tone of grace, Adesanya He stated, “You have a Gucci belt, right?” Marvin went for more and summed it up: “No belt yet.” “Yes, you should get one,” was the champion’s immediate reply. I’m about to get mine. I’m going to get yours, my friend », closed the« tano ». Confident, the African opined: “You are not getting mine. I’m not your friend”.

Will it please them? The stars who think Israel Adesanya will knock out Marvin Vettori

After that crossing, Adesanya He spoke with The Mac Life and was forceful about the crossover they had: «After that, Adesanya I waved at him and he looked petrified. He kept looking back at me from a distance. I said to Steve, ‘No, I’m not going to do anything to him. He’s not going to do shit either. ‘ And then I got tested for COVID, I went to check in and he was there.

Nothing scares him

«I approached him and shook his hand as I did with (Paulo) Costa. People think this is a game. It’s not a game. This is a tactic of war. I understand this game, the war. So I went and shook his hand, the same thing I said in Las Vegas. He was all smiling. And do you know why? He didn’t have his crew with him, ”added the African champion, who remains very confident.

By last, Israel Adesanya He also explained, “If it was just me and he had his mob with him, he would have kept the same energy. But it would have changed his energy and grunts. I knew security was there, his team was there, grunting, some shit for the camera, but I’m a civilized guy. When the time for war comes, yes. Undoubtedly, the king believes that he will keep the crown.

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