What a gesture! Charles Oliveira’s impressive gift to his coaches for being champion

Charles Oliveira.

Charles Oliveira Not only is he a great fighter in the cage, but he excels outside of UFC also. The current lightweight champion shook all his fans hours ago when he left a huge gift to his coaches. The Brazilian gave them a replica of the belt that he has, ensuring that his two trainers are also champions. For this reason, he expressed himself in an interview with MMA Fighting.

Showing a huge heart and thanking everyone who collaborates with his work, Oliveira began by explaining: «The day after I fought and won, I contacted Lilian (Caparroz, public relations coordinator of UFC) and I told him that I wanted to buy it because they are part of that too. They are world champions like me. They deserve it too.

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In the last hours, the King of the Lightweights of UFC He did not make clear the value of each belt, but an approximate price is known from what is seen on the internet. Thus, the replica is on sale at the company’s official store for $ 850 each. That being the case, Lima posted the surprise that left him Oliveira in their hotel room, saying: “This belt also has to be in their houses.”

«Imagine my face and Macaco’s with this surprise and hearing that. We ended up crying with joy one of my times. Thanks Charles, you are out of the ordinary, a true example. I am your fan and I am proud to be walking by your side. I think that’s the fight to do, so I’ll wait and see what happens. I’m enjoying the moment, but I won’t stop training, ”Lima also commented.

Oliveira’s happiness

After consecrating himself, Charles Oliveira He summed up: ‘Better than I expected, bro. Better. I am super happy with everything that is happening in my life, the way things are happening. Imagine this, people call me the new Ayrton Senna. Hearing that, man, is fantastic. People call you the new Ayrton Senna. Seniors who say they have never felt so much joy and excitement. I am very grateful and happy.

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