Will he fight too? Anthony Pettis gave his prediction on Jake Paul vs. Tyron woodley

Anthony Pettis.

Anthony Pettis, renowned mixed martial artist, left strong words about what is coming for Jake paul. The famous youtuber will be measured with Tyron woodley, a former UFC champion, and fans are getting excited. Therefore, “Showtime” analyzed what can happen between them and gave its forecast. In a talk with MMA Fighting, the Latin American left interesting phrases.

At the beginning, Pettis He said, “Saying this is strange to me, but Jake paul actually has some good skills. He’s not a new kid. It’s not like I’ve been in a boxing gym for two weeks and I’m fighting MMA guys. In fact, train for this. You can see its structure, it has a bit of rhythm, it has a bit of science. So it’s not like he’s a new kid.

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“In Ben’s fight, I really didn’t know. I saw him fight Nate Robinson and I’m like a basketball player, who knows what he really has. But when he faced Ben and set up the good shot with the jab, he knew some skills. Tyron woodley he actually trains boxing. He didn’t just jump for the first time and try to jump in a ring and try to box for the first time, “he said.

It will be a different story

On the other hand, Anthony He stated: “Woodley has been to the Wild Card gym, he has been to gyms in Las Vegas, he trained with us in Milwaukee, so he actually has experience boxing, boxing and sparring with some good guys. Woodley knocked out Robbie Lawler, the list goes on with who’s been there. I find it surprisingly wise that he is more knowledgeable when it comes to boxing than Ben Askren, obviously because he has done it before.

«Jake he’s smart about who he’s calling. Ben is a great name. Obviously, he was killing guys before the UFC. It’s a good name in mixed martial arts. I think he was smart going that way. He has a guy who can hit his hands in his next fight. I am excited to see it. I think now that all these MMA guys are doing it, why not? ” Anthony Pettis.

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