Criticism of MotoGP rains down due to the controversy with Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo

The action that caused Fabio Quartararo in the Catalan Grand Prix from MotoGP in the last weekend it is still a matter of debate. Many figures from the paddock and historical riders assured that the French rider had to be disqualified with a black flag for having removed his chest protectors at more than 300 kilometers per hour. However, the race direction only gave him three seconds of his time.

Many were very indignant at this sanction. Even Quartararo himself assured that he was lucky not to have seen the black flag. Despite this, the decision of the organizers was not modified, so the pilot of Yamaha finished the race sixth. The discomfort in the paddock is total with this decision, especially a few weeks after the death of Jason Dupasquier, in the Italian GP.

The MotoGP riders pointed to Fabio Quartararo for the controversy on Sunday

Paolo Simoncelli

In the last hours there was a word that shook the MotoGP world. Paolo Simoncelli, father of the remembered Marco Simoncelli and director of a team of Moto3, pointed harshly at the sports commissioners for having hesitated so much in making a decision (the sanction was given hours later). In his words, the commissioners who were in charge were not up to the job.

“We need people to make decisions. As the pilot who has to choose in a microsecond, then the Race Direction must do the same. And since it never happens, it means they don’t know how to do their job, ”said Paolo Simoncelli in a very angry tone. In addition, he gave as an example the kick of Valentino rossi to Marc Márquez in 2015.

“Pilots, like children, need rules, which must be respected. Certainty of the sanction and strict enforcement are needed. But also that it is immediate. If Rossi had been sanctioned immediately after the incident with Márquez, it would have ended there and in Valencia he could have fought for the tenth title. This is a difficult role where balls are needed and if they don’t have them they should change jobs ”, he concluded forcefully.

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