Exciting! The star who could retire this Saturday at UFC 263

UFC 263.

The coming weekend, in the UFC 263, a star of the MMA He could have his last battle in the cage. Without a doubt, this Saturday will be a more than exciting event, with two titles at stake and surnames that excite everyone. Being so, Demian Maia, extraordinary fighter, spoke with MMA Junkie and assured that it could be the end of his professional career, when he collides with Belal Muhammad.

Starting, Maia He expressed: “I am near the end and it could be the last fight. But, you know, I’ve performed so well in training camp, and I’ve felt so good that I could do one more, a couple more, probably one more after that. Of course, it depends, because you perform well in training camp, and sometimes, you know, you can’t transfer it to the Octagon.

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“So if I can translate well and of course the UFC and Dana (White), they want me to do one more fight, I would. If not, then, you know, it would be the last one. He’s a great upcoming guy. It sure is evolving. He is a good fighter. He has used wrestling, but in recent years, he has hit a lot more and is confident in his hitting skills. So, you know, like all top 15 players, he’s a pretty tough fighter, “he commented.

It will be historical

In addition, Demian He commented: “It is not an easy fight. But, you know, I’ve been in this situation so many times in my life. For me, it was sad that he did his last fight without a crowd, and not just him, but other fighters as well. I was like, ‘Man, I don’t want that for myself.’ You know, I don’t want to end my career without a crowd. It would be so, so sad, at least in my opinion, and thank goodness events just went back to normal. “

«I am very happy when I hear from my teammates and from all the other fighters who admire me, as Charles (Oliveira) is now; he just won the championship and said, ‘In Brazil, I think Demian is still the best in jiu-jitsu.’ That makes me very happy because, you know, being recognized by your peers is great. But for the fans, I want you to remind me about Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and everything that I represent behind, “he said. Demian Maia.

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