Griezmann: “You send Messi a melon and he turns it into caviar”

Griezmann: "You send Messi a melon and he turns it into caviar"

Antoine Griezmann, one of the stars of the French team and Barcelona forward, confirmed the good understanding with his club colleague Lionel Messi and judged that this last season was “complicated” at Barça because there were “many injuries” and “no everyone was playing at their best. “

“They are good (the relationships). We get along well. Sometimes we write messages, we talk a lot in training. Then, on the pitch, it is clear that (Messi) is a player with whom it is super easy to play. You you send him a melon and he turns it into caviar, “he said in an interview published this Thursday in L’Equipe.

Griezmann acknowledged that the beginnings of the season with Barcelona have been “very complicated” and that being in the national team “was good for him.”

For the forward, this season there were “many injuries” and they used “a system in which not everyone played necessarily in their best position”, alluding to the tactical choices of Roland Koeman, whom he did not cite.

“But we are going to restart a new season, with new signings, and everything will be better,” he added.

Regarding the return of Karim Benzema to the “bleus” after 5 years and 7 months of absence, he acknowledged that he was surprised and happy.

“Karim is a great striker, who can only do us good. Honestly, we have to be obviously happy to have him with us,” he said.

Griezmann confessed that he gave the Real Madrid player the penalty in the friendly against Wales on June 2, which ended up erring, because he is aware “to what extent it is important for him to score a first goal.”

If there is a penalty during the Euro, which France kicks off on June 15 against Germany, the Barcelona striker is seen as the main pitcher.

“I think that for the coach, and for myself, I am the number 1 pitcher. If I failed, I would have to think of another solution, but now I feel confident in that aspect,” he said.

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