“I didn’t crack”: Billy Joe Saunders gives his first interview since his loss to Canelo

Billy Joe Saunders y la lesión catastrófica que terminó su noche más brillante

Billy joe saunders gave his first interview since his defeat in the con Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez last May 8 in which he could no longer go out for the ninth round after a hit from the Canelo He fractured the orbital bone of his right eye.

“I’m just getting out of all that, giving it a good and long thought, and enjoying time with my children, really,” he said. Saunders in interview for talkSPORT. “I went through surgery, I had a fracture in the eye socket, it broke into three parts. They put some metal plates on me. I’m already like the Terminator, they filled me with metal ”.

Saunders he is aware that he was fighting a competitive fight, but that he was facing one of the best fighters of the moment.

“Many people have told me that I was doing well, that they had me one round up, that they saw me evenly, or that they only had me one round down,” he explains. Saunders. “But he’s a world-class fighter, and he hit me with a world-class hit, so you have to give that man his credit and respect (Canelo). I have been in these situations; I have done it to other rivals and they have given me credit, so I have to give him credit ”.

Even the former super middleweight world champion OMB, assures that from the beginning of the fight, he did not feel the Canelo as something very complicated.

“He’s a very, very good fighter,” he said. Saunders. “He has a lot of tricks, but when the fight started I thought, ‘Is that all?’ I was expecting more, but I suppose everyone rises with that caution to a fight of that type.

This is how Saunders felt the blow of Canelo

Billy joe saunders narrates in detail how was that forceful blow of the Canelo It hit him in the right eye as he lowered his head. It was the blow that caused a catastrophic injury that prevented him from continuing.

“When I was hit, I remember it very, very clearly,” he says. Saunders at the interview. “I thought it was a good shot, a very good shot. And I started to move on the balls of my feet, but I felt my eye move. I could see two or three Cinnamon all the time, and after 30 seconds, I realized that it was not my legs or weakness, but it was my eye. It is a bad injury, an injury that I thought I would never suffer, but you never know what is going to happen in boxing. “

Saunders wanted to go on and fight right-handed

Saunders clarifies that the decision to no longer go out for the ninth round was made by his own corner. He wanted to continue.

“As a fighter, I wanted to continue,” he assures Saunders. “I sat down and could hear that Ben (Davison) He told me on the corner that the fight was over before I sat down. I shook my head and said no way. But it was a good decision, I don’t dispute it, I know they did it for my good. “

Even, Billy joe saunders, who fights on left-handed guard, assures that he planned to go out in the ninth round to fight as a right-hander, trying to protect the injury.

“My team in my corner knows what it’s doing,” he explains. Saunders. “I was going to go out to fight the ninth round as a right-hander, so when people say I quit or quit, you have to analyze the situation. My team is there to do a job, and look after my interests. I am there to fight all night. When we step into the ring, it is our lives that we are willing to put at risk. But never in my life would I say that I am liquidated and I don’t want to continue ”.

Saunders is aware of the risk involved in fighting with such an injury, against a fighter of the level of the Canelo.

“I fought for a minute and 20 seconds with my broken orbital bone, a cheekbone fractured in three parts,” he explains. Saunders. “One minute and 20 seconds is fine when you’re fighting an average fighter, but when you’re fighting the best in the world, I could have easily cracked, and I didn’t. It was a decision from my corner. That’s how it went. And I will not argue against that decision.

Finally, Saunders acknowledge that Canelo It was better.

“I can only say that that night the best won,” he accepts. Saunders. “That’s how it is. I would have loved to see what would happen in the next four or five rounds because I put a lot of heart and effort into it. This is the sport

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