Impeccable! Montana de la Rosa plans a gigantic battle for his next step in the UFC

Montana de la Rosa.

In the UFC Vegas 28 last Saturday, Montana de la Rosa took home an impressive victory. After a shocking knockout, she defeated Ariane Lipski and continues to grow within the company, making it clear that she is ready for anything. Being that way, it was one of the best fights of the night, although now he wants to go further and is closely following Antonina Shevchenko.

Understanding the above, de la Rosa he began by explaining to MMA Junkie Radio: “I am leaning towards Antonina. She hit the girl I just hit, and Andrea Lee hit her. I think it’s a good match. I would love to have that fight. I fought in February and I only fought on Saturday, so I basically had two eight-week camps in Colorado. “

Shocking! This is how Ariane Lipski’s face was after being disfigured by Montana de la Rosa

So honestly, I’ve only been home for a total month of the entire year so far. So it will be good to take at least this month. And I’m still going to be training, obviously, in my home gym and being here in Texas and not having a row fight. I’d probably like to not have a row fight until after September. I think I could go back there, “he said.

His previous sayings

On the other hand, Mountain He expressed the following about what could come: “Just when I threw that first elbow, I could see it in his eyes. I looked into her eyes and she finished after that. He just had to go back to the same place, but he wasn’t forcing the takedown. After watching her fight Antonina (Shevchenko), I knew I was going to be able to dominate her on the ground, but I wasn’t going to force the takedown. “

But I have to get on with it. It feels great to finish again. My first three fights of UFC They were late and then I had a lot of long rounds of three. It didn’t feel good, “he concluded. There is no doubt that Montana de la Rosa she is at an impressive level, the one that has led her to remain among the best in the present. Now, will it be Antonina Shevchenko your next victim?

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