Impressive! They assure that Jon Jones still does not show his best moment

Jon Jones.

Jon jones, former champion of UFC and legend of Mixed Martial Arts, keeps making noise. After being denied his shot at the Heavyweight title with Francis Ngannou, his hitting coach at Jackson-Wink, Brandon gibson, spoke to MMA Fighting. The American made it clear that “Bonny” has much more to give, without reaching his maximum in the cage.

Starting with your words, Gibson He said: “Jon he has been the most dominant champion in UFC history. He holds the title record but, man, this goal of becoming a Heavyweight champion has fired us all up. Whether he comes in a few months or a year or more, Jon is 33 years old. I feel like he’s not even in his heavyweight prime yet. This version is going to be better than any of them. “

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“We are taking our time, we are doing it well and there are many other business decisions outside of my purview. But my job is to treat Jon Jones as a professional athlete, a professional martial artist and the great champion that he is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s the biggest area I’ve seen him grow: Jon’s focus on becoming a 365 athlete, ”he said.

They are red hot

What’s more, Brandon He emphasized: “You are inspired by guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who continue to have great success in the mid to late 30s and what it took to have that, to grow like that professional athlete. Jon jones got that in him, man. He’s had great success in his 20s, a great light heavyweight career, but Jon doesn’t just have that focus of being a Heavyweight champion with this big task in front of us. “

«He is also committed to himself as a professional athlete, I think we still have to see the Jon jones most dangerous there is. Heavyweight is a slightly different game than other weight classes in MMA. I think Jon with his strength, with his size, his skill set and repertoire that he’s bringing to the Heavyweight division is really going to turn things around. We are not only looking to take that Heavyweight belt, we are seeking to defend, defend and defend as we did with the Light Heavyweight belt, “he concluded. Brandon gibson.

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