Luis Enrique assures that Busquets will be in the list of Spain for the Eurocopa

Luis Enrique assures that Busquets will be in the list of Spain for the Eurocopa

MADRID – Luis Enrique Martínez, Spain coach, assured this Thursday that center midfielder Sergio Busquets, positive for Covid-19 last Sunday, “will be on the safe list” for Euro 2020, while highlighting him as “one of the team leaders “and said that he is” perfect, asymptomatic and very well “.

“I’m going to wait for him. I don’t want to wait for him, we’re all going to wait for him. He plays with an advantage, because he has been the first (to test positive) and there is more than enough time. Busquets will be on the list for sure,” said Luis Enrique during the telematic press conference in the ‘Media Center’ of the national team in the Ciudad del Futbol de Las Rozas.

“He is perfect and asymptomatic, which makes us even more happy, because it means that he can train. He has his work schedule that he is following to the letter, he is in contact with his teammates and with the ‘staff’, and he is marvelous. They say that when one is asymptomatic, they have less viral load, with which we hope that everything can be a scare. He is very well, “he said about the middle center, which he does not plan to replace on the list even if he has until next Sunday and although he cannot play this Monday against Sweden.

He is a crucial footballer for Luis Enrique. “What does Busquets contribute? Anyone who pulls a newspaper library and looks at the last ten or twelve years. He contributes what he contributes on the field of play as an attacking midfielder, with the ability to overcome high pressure situations, to find the best pass , each ball that passes through him improves … And if we add that he is the captain and one of the leaders of this team … “, the coach reviewed.

“The fact that he is the first infected and many days before the competition begins also benefits him. We will treat each case individually depending on the circumstances, deadlines and number of players who may fall and situations that appear,” he insisted the technician.

Sergio Busquets, who supposedly would have contracted the virus before the start of the concentration, although it was not detected until last Sunday, because in the previous antigen and PCR tests it had been negative, played last Friday the friendly against Portugal at the Wanda stadium Metropolitan. He played 62 minutes.

“The friendly against Portugal was on Friday and we did not know anything about any case. We have maximum confidence in the doctors. They are very prepared. Despite respecting and reinforcing the protolocos, the virus is uncontrollable. It can appear at any time. It has happened, we accept it, we take action, I don’t remember when I found out (about the positive from a Busquets relative), it doesn’t matter, we don’t look for culprits, we look for solutions to stop this situation being sincere and as optimistic as possible, “he explained.

On Tuesday night another positive was confirmed: the central Diego Llorente. “It seems that it may be a false positive. It has to be confirmed, but it would be very good if that happened,” explained Luis Enrique at the telematic press conference on Thursday.

In this sense, the Spanish Football Federation announced that “the confirmation PCR tests carried out on Wednesday, June 9 on Diego Llorente have given a negative result”, while pointing out that “there are serious indications that it is a false positive “.

“In this sense, in accordance with health protocols, the player will again undergo PCR tests today, Thursday, and tomorrow, Friday. If the negative result is confirmed, he will join the national team training in the afternoon this Friday, “added the RFEF statement.

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