Overwhelming! Joe Rogan’s great prediction for the Jake Paul vs. Tyron woodley

Jake Paul.

In a few weeks, Jake paul Y Tyron woodley they will be measured within a quadrilateral. Being that way, the renowned UFC commentator, Joe rogan, speaking on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, was blunt. There, he made it clear that the youtuber will meet a fighter who knows how to hit hard, although he does not have all the power to kill him.

In that sense, Rogan He said, “They got famous first and then it turns out they can fight! Especially Jake. That kid can knock people out. He knows how to punch. He only has a couple of fights. This is how you should look at it. Look at him like any other guy who’s only had a couple of fights. If you saw a guy coming up and he didn’t have an amateur career and he only has a couple of fights, you would say, ‘Man, he has a promise.

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«He is going to fight against Tyron woodley. I know it can hit. He hits very hard but he doesn’t hit like a boxer. He throws big bombs and prepares takedowns, but he can go bankrupt. With one shot he can screw anyone. But the thing is, the way he throws shots, he’ll drop like a bomb and then set up a takedown or clinch. He’s not a guy who sneaks out, throwing jabs and hooks to the body, that’s not his style, “he said.

Deep analysis

On the other hand, Joe He reported: ‘We won’t know until they get there, but what happens is that he will be the most dangerous guy I can handle. Jake paul have fought, sure. Not even close. No one more dangerous than Tyron woodley. Tyron is not just an MMA fighter, he is a UFC world champion and one of the greatest welterweights of all time. If you look at all the UFC welterweights of all time, he’s in the top three. It’s fucking great. “

He hits really hard and when he doesn’t have to worry about wrestling, he doesn’t have to worry about getting so tired and he can choose his shots, he will be the most dangerous guy to have. Jake paul. I think Jake Paul can box. If you watch that Nate Robinson fight, I know Nate Robinson didn’t know what he was doing, but he hit and knocked him out by moving backwards. Jake throws things straight and hard. They are much more dangerous, “he said. Joe rogan.

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