Santiago Solari: “Messi is an example, he is a rebel genius”

Santiago Solari: "Messi is an example, he is a rebel genius"

Argentine Santiago Solari, a former Real Madrid coach and player, considered this Thursday that his compatriot Lionel Messi “deserves to win a trophy with Argentina” and expressed the desire for this to happen in the next Copa América.

“Argentina must take advantage of the fact of having Messi, until he is in the National Team, to try to win a title that has eluded us since the 1990s. We have not won it for a long time. Argentina needs it and Messi deserves it”, said Solari in an interview published by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Messi is an example, a man who dedicated his life to his work. He never took advantage of his fame to talk about politics. To me this seems like a gesture of dignity and humility. For me he is a rebellious genius,” added the Argentine. .

Solari, who in his playing career played for River Plate, Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid or Inter Milan, surrendered to a Messi who continues to pursue a title with the Argentine senior team, after the Olympic gold won in Beijing 2008.

“Everyone wants to show off on social media, seek fame and talk about things they don’t know, from the pandemic to politics. Messi, on the other hand, thinks about playing, scoring goals and being the best year after year,” he said .

“It is clear that he opposes another legend, our God, Diego Maradona. He did everything differently. He showed everything he carried inside, feelings, passions, everything. We have loved Diego because he showed his vulnerability and his humanity, but to do so he paid with his life, “he added.

Solari, who worked as a coach in the Real Madrid quarry until reaching the first team, which he directed from October 2018 to March 2019, sees the return of Carlo Ancelotti to the Madrid bank positively.

“Carlo Ancelotti is in the heart of all Madridistas, he is part of our history. With him we won the long-awaited Tenth European Cup after two years of waiting and we opened a winning cycle,” he recalled.

“It was the second great historical stage after the five consecutive European Cups in the 1950s. His return did not surprise me. On the contrary, as a Madrid player it seemed like a natural and logical decision,” he concluded.

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