“The goal with Zurdo Ramírez is to break Mayweather’s record,” says Óscar de la Hoya

"The goal with Zurdo Ramírez is to break Mayweather's record," says Óscar de la Hoya

Promoter Oscar de la hoya He said that his goal is for the Lefty Ramirez break the 50-0 record of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“The long-term plan is to get him to 52-0, get him to break the record he has Floyd mayweather“, He said From the pot during a press conference for the next fight of Gilberto Ramirez against Sullivan Barrera, 39 years old.

Golden boy He assured that the fighter has a great future and plans to make history with him in the coming years.

“We want to take him to that undefeated record, break that 50-0 record. Then he will break another record. He was the first Mexican super middleweight champion in history. Now you can be the first fighter to break the record for Mayweather“, Assured the Mexican American.

Ramirez will seek his 42nd consecutive win next month on July 9 against the WBC sixth-ranked, Sullivan Barrera, at DAZN’s main event at the Banc of California Stadium, on The Angels.

Barrier He is 39 years old and has lost two of his last three fights, so the Left handed he is the great favorite to take the triumph.

Gilberto Zurdo Ramirez to debut with Golden Boy Promotion

The Mazatlan boxer indicated his feeling of being able to star in a billboard of the command of the company of Oscar de la hoya.

“I am excited to be headlining this event in The Angels with Golden Boy Promotions. It will be a great night of boxing, as the fans will be back in the arena, “he explained.

The Left handed he thanked the promoter for supporting him in his career and hopes not to disappoint him from now on.

“Thanks to Oscar and the family of Golden boy for his love and support, and I look forward to a great boxing night, “declared the former super middleweight monarch of the World Boxing Organization,” he argued.

Zurdo Ramírez is grateful to Óscar de la Hoya.

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