The moment Max Verstappen found out about Lewis Hamilton’s mistake

Max Verstappen

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix It was a roller coaster of emotions for Max verstappen. The Dutch driver had finished very frustrated in qualifying on Saturday, but on Sunday everything started in the best way. He quickly stepped in front of Lewis hamilton and of Charles Leclerc, which started first. However, everything would change dramatically near the end.

A puncture in the left rear wheel of your Red bull It deprived him of staying with a victory that could be fundamental at the end of the season. However, Hamilton did not finish the race in the points zone, which gave the Dutch driver some breathing space after the Grand Prix. Not only did he not lose the top of the championship, but he is Baku with the same difference as when it arrived.

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At the time of the accident, Verstappen was very angry. He got out of the car without greeting anyone and did not want to continue watching the race. However, in the last hours he confessed how he learned of the Hamilton incident in the highlight of the race. According to his words, he was not watching the race when the lights came on to retake the test.


“I had to go to the medical center after the accident, it was not easy to get there, it is a long route. I was lying on the stretcher to have my blood pressure checked and my phone started to vibrate a lot, “confessed Verstappen, who was surprised when he found out what was happening with Hamilton in the first corner of the circuit.

“So I asked myself, ‘What’s going on?’ Because I kept hearing the cars rolling around the circuit. So as soon as I finished the review and they let me go, I saw my cell phone and found out that Hamilton had had a problem, ”he commented with a smile. Verstappen was able to ‘celebrate’ the victory of Checo Pérez, as this helped Red Bull remain at the top of the team table.

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