The professional career of Loco Abreu: a hundred anecdotes and a thousand images

The professional career of Loco Abreu: a hundred anecdotes and a thousand images

Article published on 6/4/2020 about Sebastián Abreu’s 25-year career. To this day, El Loco played 26 years and wore 31 jerseys.

Sebastián ‘El Loco’ Abreu made his debut in the First Division on June 4 wearing the Defensor Sporting jersey, which faced Liverpool at the Franzini for the last date of the 1995 Apertura Tournament. He then defended 28 more jerseys (before Nacional de Minas ).

You might think that that first image in professional football, rising and touching the ball with his hand in his own area, could not predict a great future. However, that penalty called by José Luis Da Rosa for Liverpool to take the victory only anticipated a career that was by no means going to go unnoticed.

Due to his scoring ability and a constant search to reach that exact place at the right time, be it in the area or anywhere else, Abreu has become a reference in world football.

That tall skinny man with short hair who makes an unusual penalty, then it will be the same one who begins to score goals from the left and from the head to the happiness of the violet side. With the speed with which he escaped from the defenses, he was incorporated by San Lorenzo de Almagro.

A presentation of bermuda shorts and that ‘Is this the one who is going to save us?’ of Cabezón Ruggeri; Maradona’s hidden t-shirt and the subsequent unwanted passage through La Coruña and El Loco that begins to ‘falar’ Portuguese. Scale in Mexico to return to San Lorenzo and shout champion in 2001 with dyed hair.

In the same year, 17 goals in 18 games for Nacional and Uruguayan champion, two classic goals included. 2002 by Cruz Azul and the little thing of the nose, the headband and the laces of the Uruguay jersey at the World Cup in Korea Japan.

The ’13’ which is no longer a rarity but a symbol of the Fool; the other shirt, the one he wears below, that of the Lavalleja National Team that his father wore, to keep his family present. Mexico and National; back and forth. With goals there and here, championships and first places in the scorers’ table. The request for authorization to play in Uruguayan soccer; and with Pep Guardiola as a partner, continue learning from Juan Manuel Lillo after a decade of professionalism.

The images follow one another and the goals also. The Tournament with River and that goal shouted at San Lorenzo that now generates sadness. Israel and then Lillo who remembers the pending dream of the Fool and incorporates him into the Royal Society. Now yes, in 2009 prepared for Spanish football.

The goal in the Centennial against Costa Rica so that the celestial returns to a World Cup and in 2010 of eternal bites on penalties. In Maracana? Yes. Or in a World Cup? Also. For Rio de Janeiro it will be with Botafogo against Flamengo for the Carioca Championship. For the rest of the world ‘El Loco bit her’ was and will be against Ghana so that Uruguay will be in the semifinals of the World Cup again.

Champion of America. After Central and the demonstration of its validity. The celestial mouth guards and the passage through Ecuador, Paraguay and El Salvador. Central Spanish in Second Division and again the suitcases to now play for Chile, Brazil and return to Santa Tecla.

Boston River with 42 years and take over as a coach without ceasing to be a footballer. Because what he can never do is mark an end to his relationship with the ball. Washington Sebastián Abreu Gallo, El Loco, a scorer by profession.

From that June 3, a quarter of a century has already passed, but there remains the smiling feeling that Abreu still has much more to tell and that he celebrates this date thinking about all the things that he will have to celebrate in the future.

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