Very excited! The moment Logan Paul exploded into tears after the Mayweather fight

Logan Paul.

Logan paul made boxing history, after enduring the entire fight with the mythical and legendary Floyd mayweather. Without a doubt, the renowned youtuber achieved something impressive by enduring eight rounds with the 44-year-old boxer, so after the fight he could not contain the emotion. Beyond the fact that in the first round he was very close to knocking out “Money”, he is satisfied with what he achieved.

In what was an epic night Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul no advantages were taken within the ring. Of course, many expected the legendary boxer to knock out the 26-year-old youtuber, but he left it complicated. It was proven that he had a hard time landing a good shot, but it was a somewhat surprising show for the fans anyway.

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There were eight rounds that will remain in history, with the memory that Paul stood before one of the best in all history. It was precisely for that reason that, after measuring himself in the ring, in the dressing room he could not hold back the tears. It’s the best day of my life. This is my best moment. I appreciate it to all of you, “he said with a broken voice and emotion in plain sight.

His best moment

When the battle ended, Paul He was very excited about the fight: “It is an honor to have had this fight with him. He’s old, but it’s really hard to hit him. Thank you all very much, I love you all. I am really excited for this match. It was very good. I’m happy I was with a legend like Floyd. I’ll go to my house to see if he didn’t want to knock me out or if I was the one who didn’t let him.

«Now I’m going to the beach, to rest and have a good time. It was a real honor. I love him and I love you all. I was here in the ring with one of the best of all time and that is no small thing for me. Maybe I’ll fight again soon I don’t know. Maybe come Floyd mayweather vs. Logan Paul 2, nobody knows. I hope you enjoyed it, “he said. Logan paul, who will now surely go for more.

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