Can they beat them? Red Bull and the best chance in recent years

Red Bull

The team Red bull He savored the honeys of victory again after several years. While he had had a few sporadic races in which they finished on top, he had never been able to beat Mercedes in the constructors ‘or drivers’ championship. However, this year has another horizon ahead. The Austrian team has everything in their hands to return to glory.

Not only the speed of Red Bull made it possible for them to be one of the great candidates to win the title. The mistakes of the Mercedes team and the slow pace they are having on the different weekends, left the energy drinks team above them. This week, from the German team they assured that they are not up to the fight.

Flexible spoilers: Follow the war between Mercedes and Red Bull in Formula 1

The other side of the coin came from Red Bull. In the voice of your most important advisor, Helmut Marko, they already speak with another tone. More relaxed and very confident, from the championship leader’s box they polish the candidate’s plate. Marko does not stop praising his pilots, both from AlphaTauri as from the main Red Bull team. The victory of Czech Pérez self-esteem skyrocketed.

“We are the fastest combination. Car, more driver. But we are only four points ahead. That does not reflect our strength. With the luck that Mercedes is, you have to be happy at every point through which you can escape ”, Marko stressed in the last hours, as confirmed by the Spanish newspaper Marca. In addition, from the structure they already speak of repeating the result in Paul Ricard.

“France is once again an atypical field with a surface that does not exist anywhere else and with sequences of special curves. We go there with the attitude that we have to be the fastest everywhere ”, stated the advisor firmly. Red Bull will reach the next date, again as the leader, after escaping 25 points after the race in Baku.

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