He reappeared! Aaron Rodgers’ tweet after missing the Packers minicamp

Aaron Rodgers

The franchises of the NFL have completed their mandatory pre-season mini-camps, and there are no clues to the future of Aaron Rodgers Y Green bay packers. As expected, the quarterback did not appear in the first compulsory practices preseason, and has finally appeared on social media with a post on Twitter.

Uncertainty around the Packers

The situation between Aaron Rodgers Y Green bay packers It does not seem to clear with the advance of the preseason. In fact, it’s the opposite. The start of training camps is approaching, and the future of the quarterback is a total unknown. The pitcher has not shown up for the first mandatory jobs, further adding to his doubts.

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It was on May 26 that the 37-year-old veteran made his last public appearance with his ESPN interview. It was there that he confirmed his differences with the leadership of Green bay packers, being in disagreement with the new work policies of the franchise. However, he left his future up in the air, giving no hint of what will happen.

After being absent from volunteer work, Aaron Rodgers did not show up at the Los Angeles pre-season minicamp Packers, this being his first formal breach of the contract. The player will have to pay fines for his absence, and uncertainty has grown, since there was no trace of the QB in recent days.

Aaron Rodgers appearance

After a week of doubts, there was finally a pronouncement by Aaron Rodgers, although it has not been what fans expected. The star NFL quarterback posted “W #” on his official Twitter account. This has been interpreted simply as “win” or “victory” after the Milwaukee Bucks triumph in the NBA against the Brooklyn Nets. However, it is also a sign of life for all Wisconsin fans.

Official Twitter Aaron Rodgers

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