“If there was a winner, it was Logan Paul,” says Eddie Hearn

Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul

Eddie hearn believe that YouTuber Logan paul could be seen as the big winner of the exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., last Sunday in Miami Florida.

“I can’t believe there was no decision, it was too bizarre,” he commented. Hearn to Sky Sports. “If there was a winner, it was Logan And I really think it’s very bad for Mayweather“.

The fight ended after the influencer, who weighed 34 pounds more than Floyd, hold until the end of the eight episodes, leaving the result as null after it was agreed in the previous one that there would be no judges.

Floyd began to look more solid when the fourth episode passed and he looked tired when YouTuber, despite their 18 years difference with Floyd.

He knew how to withstand several power blows and with a strategy based on clinches and keep his distance, he managed to leave without defeat.

Given this, Hearn I consider that Mayweather he was actually ashamed of the result.

“We know that Floyd he has a well-built legacy as one of the best of all time, ”he said. “But his display was not very good. I also think that because of what he said at the end is that he really felt a bit ashamed of what his fight was. “

The president of Matchroom believes that in the future of boxing these fights between celebrities and some fighters or former fighters will continue to gain popularity today.

“If we don’t give big fights, if managers or promoters don’t accept big fights, the networks will go towards a product that leaves big numbers like this one,” he considered.

According to reports from Boxingscene.com, the fight is expected to at least generate $ 1 million per pay-per-view in the United States alone.

About, Hearn accepted that it can open a new window for business, so professional boxers must step forward.

“It brought profit, it brought interest, it’s time for boxing people to do those big fights,” he said. “If not, this product can be devalued and we will see more things like that of Paul Y Mayweather“.

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