Paolo Montero and his arrival in San Lorenzo: “It is a beautiful challenge, we know what we are at stake”

Paolo Montero and his arrival in San Lorenzo: "It is a beautiful challenge, we know what we are at stake"

Paolo Montero confirmed this Friday morning that he will be the new coach of San Lorenzo, news that Mauro Cetto, manager of the Argentine club, communicated on Thursday night. The Uruguayan technical director spoke in ‘100% Deporte’ (Radio Sport 890 AM) on the assembly of the Cyclone squad and was consulted by the brothers Óscar and Ángel Romero.

“A week ago Mauro Cetto called me, whom I had at Rosario Central as a player and as a sports manager, I spoke with him and he told me that he wanted me to be the new coach. He told me that he had to talk to the leaders and this Thursday he confirmed it to me ”, commented the former captain of the Uruguayan National Team.

Montero’s coaching staff will be made up of Marcelo Otero and Juan Iraola as assistant coaches, and with Professor Santiago Ferro as physical trainer.

Montero noted about this challenge: “It is the step. And I am convinced that it comes at the right time because we already did the experience, we were in the B of Argentina in Boca Unidos, then Colón, Rosario Central, we went step by step, I recently took a course in Italy and directed in the C of Italy, comes at the right time ”.

The Uruguayan recalled that he was in San Lorenzo in the 2005-2006 season, where they treated him very well, and accepted that he could not play as much as he wanted due to a problem in his twin.

“It is a beautiful challenge, we know what we are at stake, we know that Argentine football can open the doors of the world to you. We are ready, it comes at the right time. I was happy in Italy but I was in C, and today you have this chance to reach San Lorenzo and we cannot waste itAfterwards it’s football, but I always say that when they kick me out it will be because the results were not given, not because I did not work well; There is not so much mystery, it is football ”, he said.

The coach described as ‘a pride’ that Cetto, whom he directed in Rosario Central, has chosen him as coach, and also highlighted the current team of the Cyclone: ​​“The material is good, there are many young people of a good level, there are the Romero brothers They are also good, they are going to the Copa América, there we will have to analyze with Mauro. The squad is good, what he told me at the beginning is that they have to reduce the economy and we will see hires and exits, Ortigoza, an idol of the club, has just signed.

Asked directly about the two Paraguayan footballers and some internal attitudes they may have had, Montero pointed out: “The first thing I said to Mauro is ‘if you choose me, from the locker room I won’t be a problem.’ Because always where I got I said that I come to collaborate and then I have to make decisions, one can make a mistake, but the player knows if you make a mistake or not, the important thing is not to be false and to go straight ahead, always straight ahead.. At Central they told me that we were going to have problems with Teo Gutiérrez and we never had a problem with him ”.

“Apart from the power of command, the important thing is not to lose credibility, for example I like to strategically discuss with the player, the important thing is that they do not take away your authority. In addition, with that decision-making power that you have, it is simple: Sunday arrives and they don’t play, there isn’t that much mystery either. Here you have to respect the decisions, there are hierarchies and I, for example, never entered the players’ dressing room as a coach, it is not the place that corresponds to me, it is the place of the footballers, ”he said.

Montero also spoke about Uruguayan coach Alexander Medina, who is working very well at Talleres de Córdoba: “I am glad that the Cacique, and his assistant Fernando Machado, are doing well because they open doors. In my time I was grateful for what Francescoli, Herrera and Aguilera did in Italy because they opened doors to the Uruguayan players who arrived later, that is the way. The Cacique is breaking it in Workshops, I hope it goes as well for me as the Cacique is doing ”.

And he pointed out the possibility of having a compatriot (Diego Rodríguez) within the San Lorenzo squad: “I will try to call him in the next few hours, having Uruguayans always in a team is a support, a great advantage. I want you to tell me the general characteristics but I am not going to ask you if there is any internal problem, I am not going to compromise it, I would never do that ”.

Finally, Montero commented that he has not yet discussed the team’s goals with Cetto, but the coach indicated that having been at the club he knows what the demands are and stressed: “The first thing I told Mauro is that you have to hire players with personality because I believe that soon the public will return to Argentine football and the fans in Argentine football are heavy on all teams; the most important thing, like when we were at Central or Colón, I don’t know if he plays well or badly, but he does have personality because the stands are difficult ”.

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