Ruglio spoke of the Facu Torres clause, the truth about Carlos Tevez and the arbitrations

Ruglio spoke of the Facu Torres clause, the truth about Carlos Tevez and the arbitrations

Ignacio Ruglio, president of Peñarol, dismissed the rumor that the Argentine Carlos Tevez can defend the club, even revealing that they made arrangements for Mauro Zarate, said that the departure of Joaquín Piquerez is advanced and asked for clear rules with the arbitrations.

In note with the program “100%” of Sport 890, Ruglio began speaking about the decision of the directive to increase the amount of the clause of exit of the youthful Facundo Torres.

“We understood that if Facundo explodes now in the Copa América and breaks it, capable of maintaining a clause of 14 and a half million does not leave us room to negotiate and the risk that the player will be taken the next day (paying that clause) is real. So we spoke with his family, with his representative and we offered them that, to improve his salary and raise the clause. The idea is not to retain you but to have more bargaining power if you continue to demonstrate what you have shown. In 48 hours the subject was agreed ”.

Ruglio revealed that so far he has not received any specific offer for Facundo Torres.

He also indicated that the club established a clause that governs all players and that they cannot go until the end of the Apertura and the two classic round of 16 of the South American Cup.

“There is a clause that the players can only leave on August 1, with the understanding that it is essential for the club to keep the entire squad in the Apertura and the knockout stages of the Sudamericana.”

The coal president said that the negotiation for Piquerez’s pass is advanced and the club that has the most possibilities of taking the player is Cádiz from Spain.

“Piquerez has advanced to go to Mexico or Spain. If it were up to us, we would prefer that he play in the first in Spain, because he values ​​himself, they have everything, he has a passport, he has everything to make the leap. From Spain there are a couple of teams and Cádiz is the one with which we have been talking the most. The file is shared with River ”.

After the news that the player was out of the Copa América list was confirmed, Ruglio had a chat with the player.

“I was worried that this being disaffected from the national team could have affected him but I see it very well from the head and he feels that the simple fact of having been in the selection call was something very good.”

Piquerez’s place will be taken by Gastón Silva, a player with whom practically everything has been agreed upon for his arrival at the club.

Ruglio was consulted about the rumor of a possible arrival of Carlos Tevez to Peñarol.

“I never had anything about Tevez, zero, we didn’t even poll that, we poll yes for other Boca players like Mauro Zarate, but we never poll for Carlos Tevez”, answered.

When talking about the classics of the South American Cup, the president from Aurinegro commented.

“Divine to live, at the club level we are in a flat state and this is an opportunity to enter to position ourselves again in America. That classic puts us back in America, it is still a huge burden. We are going to spend two months where our head is going to be alone in that. Then one team is going to be a hero and another villain. Yesterday I had a long meeting with the squad and the motivation is full ”.

Ruglio made reference in the note to the arbitration decisions that generated a move by the club.

“The points we lost now, with a scandalous penalty to Gary (Kagelmacher) or Boston and Plaza, had us at the top of the table. It is possible that for you it is very early (to protest at the arbitrations) but they conditioned the championship. I can make a thousand mistakes and not play anything but win the game with the penalty ball against Plaza. If it’s too early, well, I don’t want the championship to condition me early ”.

When it was mentioned that the Ribeiro line, which did not collect the penalty Peñarol claims against Plaza, was sanctioned with a match, Ruglio expressed.

“The exemplary sanctions make some mistakes more doubtful. Even by definition of life against people’s work, I do not want to go, it is not that I am going to ask that a judge be left without work, all I want is that what the whole stadium sees, all of Uruguay, one hand raised two meters that hits, crazy, that no more. All I want is to go to Los Aromos at 7 in the morning, watch 78 thousand players to hire, keep calm in Los Aromos, come to the Palace at 8 in the morning, work so that my club does well and that if it does not go well, it is due to problems on the court. That’s the only thing I want, then I don’t want anyone to be left without a job. I want there to be clear rules and lately there haven’t been any and they (the referees) say that they are aware that yes, we’ve hit a bad streak, I just hope that streak ends and things are defined on the pitch ”.

Ruglio ended by talking about the issue of referees and Peñarol’s proposal to allocate a percentage of the income from international tournaments to improve refereeing.

“Peñarol feels that there are too serious mistakes that are inexplicable that a referee and two lines do not see them and then before kicking everything and getting on the warpath, we are going to understand that we can give a hand. Peñarol decided the path of, instead of arguing everything with arguments, because there were gigantic errors, we are going to try to travel another path, a project to solve that “.

What is the idea? In which the eight clubs that dispute the Libertadores and the Sudamericana contribute 1% of their earnings to the arbitration. The same applies to the selection.

Ruglio made a review saying: “We are going to speak with José (Decurnex, president of Nacional) to try to convince Nacional that that 1% Peñarol has already voted for him, and we are going to speak with the rest of the clubs. If we do the collective it is about US $ 3,200,000 (of income) for the participation of the 1 and 2 of Uruguay in the Libertadores; for the 3 and 4 they enter almost two million; 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the South American are almost 3 million among all, plus the 11 million of Copa América and World Cup, it gives about 20 million dollars per year without passing a single phase. 1% of all that is 200 thousand dollars in a box that the referees will handle and will be held accountable because it comes from the funds of the clubs, ”he said.

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