Sergio Ramos remains stranded: no Euro Cup, no clear future at Real Madrid and no Olympic Games

Sergio Ramos remains stranded: no Euro Cup, no clear future at Real Madrid and no Olympic Games

Few times should Sergio Ramos have such an unfavorable outlook in his brilliant and successful professional career. Twenty days after his contract with Real Madrid ends, Spain’s winningest defender has suffered the first of three setbacks to haunt him this summer.

His absence in the previous list of the Spanish national team for the Eurocup became even more relevant when positive cases of Covid-19 began to appear (Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente) and Luis Enrique called up Under 21 players in case of emergency. And Ramos continued not to appear in their plans.

One year ago Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid hesitate with their renewal. A year that already cost Zinedine Zidane his job, who could not answer each time he was questioned about the renewal of his captain.

And his replacement, Carlo Ancelotti, has been in office for a week without being certain that he will have the team’s most emblematic player, the captain, the leader on and off the pitch. Or maybe they already know, but both Real Madrid and Ramos play mystery.

That lack of definition will not go beyond June 30, when Ramos’ contract ends. If you are already determined to leave the club, you may be stretching the time to press for some agreement that does not make it an unnecessary breakup. Ramos’ titles and glories at Real Madrid will remain for posterity, and he would not be the first club legend to walk out the back door (right, Raúl and Casillas?).

Although he will have his team defined as of the next tournament on June 30 or earlier, Sergio Ramos could also suffer another setback after he announced in advance his desire to be part of the Spanish team that will play the Tokyo Olympics.

But, once again, time plays against him. The final list for Tokyo 2020 will be given on June 30, just the deadline for Ramos to announce his future. In an ideal scenario, for that day he should have signed his renewal with Real Madrid, which would surely allow him to be called up as a major reinforcement to the Olympic Games.

But nothing guarantees that, nor that if they go to Manchester City or PSG they will receive the special permission, because as it is not a tournament endorsed by FIFA, the clubs are not obliged to give up to older players.

As if that were not enough, Sergio Ramos has not been vaccinated, which leaves him almost ruled out for the Olympic Games, an event that causes suspicion among the Japanese population precisely because of the lack of health guarantees. Most of the athletes will be vaccinated, which would exclude Ramos if he does not receive the dose as those selected for the European Championship did this Friday or those of the Olympic team, who have already received the first dose.

Thus, one of the greatest defenders in the history of Spanish football may receive his third blow in this summer slide, where he may be enjoying his most unusual vacations, due to his future being so unclear.

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