The mother of Valentino Rossi confirmed a news that relieved everyone: “I can guarantee it”

Valentino Rossi.

In the last hours the famous ‘mid-season’ rumors began to circulate. As usual in recent years, the news that Valentino rossi would have made the decision to retire, began to echo. However, to this usual rumor, a piece of news was added that was a bomb: the Italian could stop running after the Netherlands Grand Prix, in August. Despite this, his mother confirmed that this will not be the case: “I can guarantee it”

This was the greatest fear of both MotoGP, as from the team Petronas. The situation was not going to be easy. Petronas would have to go out of his way to find a replacement for Rossi, something not very easy to achieve, especially in the middle of the year. However, in the last hours a statement came to light from Valentino’s inner circle: His mother, Stefania Palma.

World bombshell: Valentino Rossi retires from MotoGP in the middle of the year?

Go on?

Palma spoke for the Italian media ‘Il Resto del Carlino’. There he ruled out the possibility of his son leaving the activity, at least before the end of the season. “Do you really think that Valentino is one who leaves things half unfinished? What do you think? I would say notNot even in the darkest days of Ducati, two years had to be and two years were, hard and swallowed, ”confirmed Palma.

On the other hand, Stefania assured that her son is 100% committed to the season at Yamaha, despite the fact that the results were not good. “Valentino did 72 laps on Monday in Barcelona. Do you think that a rider who is going to retire in two weeks is going to do so many laps looking for solutions to improve the Yamaha? Valentino continues to do what he has always done. I can guarantee it: he’s rightly angry, but definitely not discouraged, “he said to reassure fans.

Graziano Rossi

Another fundamental voice in the life of ’46 is that of his father, Graziano Rossi. The former driver confirmed that Valentino will continue until the end of the season and that, as promised, he will announce his decision after the summer break. “Valentino is a man of his word, he said that in the middle of the season he will decide his future as a driver, but regarding next year, not this one. I honestly don’t know anything else. However, I do know that he was quite angry, ”he added.

Source: Official Twitter Valentino Rossi

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