The URBA statement with the request for the restart of competences

The URBA statement with the request for the restart of competences

The Buenos Aires Rugby Union published a statement in which it requested the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires to obtain the corresponding permission for the start of rugby competitions that URBA plans to hold in the scope of its jurisdiction.

The full statement from URBA:

We make this request with the conviction that we have analyzed all those aspects to take into account so that it is carried out under the conditions of care and protocols that the current state of the pandemic requires compliance with. Likewise, taking into account the conversations held with the body under its charge, with authorities of the Sub-secretariat of Sports of the Province of Buenos Aires and the Sports Secretariat of the Nation, we understand that we have carried out all those processes that enable us to carry out the request that we formulate.

The Buenos Aires Rugby Union is a civil association that organizes rugby activity for the 91 clubs that make it up and that, although they practice the sport in an amateur way, all their activity is regulated organically under clear control parameters. and follow-up, respecting and complying with guidelines issued by its Board of Directors.

The organization of our tournaments is supported by the direct action of an institution that involves many areas that manage it: Competitions, Discipline, Reference, Dissemination and Training, Game Safety, Medical Department, Courts and Facilities, Legal, Press and Communication, all of them coordinated in a statutory manner by a Board of Directors elected by the clubs that compose it.

Having respected all the resolutions that in the framework of the pandemic were dictated by the national, provincial and municipal governments, even with the understanding that our sport meets the organization and control conditions that we believe would have allowed us to keep our competition active as if it had happened with other federative sports that continued to take place, we understand that currently and due to the considerations and reports that we accompany here, our request should be favorably treated by that body.

to) Affectation: as shown in ANNEX 1 that we attach, the suspension of activities meant:

Clubs: Ninety-one clubs (91) see their corporate life affected, the permanent separation of members and players, the general loss of income, the loss of jobs and the possible disappearance in many cases.

– Jplayers: Without prejudice to the physical and sociological impact that we will explain in more detail, the decrease in players is shocking and very worrying, the Buenos Aires Rugby Union registered as of December 2019 the number of 24,000 competitive players signed (Seniors and Youth) and more than 20,000 child players (up to 14 years of age), to date and due to the suspension of the tournaments, the URBA now has 10,124 competitive players and 3,364 registered children.

Jobs and collaborators: more than 5000 people collaborate directly and indirectly within the organization of our activity and more than 1600 people work under a dependency relationship or for the provision of services in our clubs. The maintenance of the suspension of the tournaments seriously jeopardizes these jobs.

Economical: The Buenos Aires Rugby Union has current contracts for the television rights of its tournaments and advertising agreements with sponsoring companies that are seriously compromised by the lack of performance of the tournaments.

b) Back to the game: we have carried out work and professional consultations to support our request taking into account the moment of the pandemic that affects us.

National COVID-19 survey: The Argentine Rugby Union, of which we are part, conducted a nationwide survey to analyze the impact of COVID-19 in the field of our clubs, either in the training sessions that have been taking place since last year or in preseason games held from February this year until the suspension ordered in April.

The results clearly show that outdoor sports, even rugby, are not contagious.






– Consequences in children, adolescents and adults The human being is in itself a sociable being and the fullness of socialization develops in the childhood and adolescent stage. To date, our young people have suffered all kinds of restrictions in their social bond:

  • Schools and Universities NOT face-to-face.

  • I work remotely.

  • Ban on holding meetings in groups of more than 10 people.

  • Time and circulation restrictions

  • Suspension of sports activities

The experience of the first semester has shown that, of all these restrictions, group outdoor contact sport has had a low impact on contagiousness and that is why to avoid harmful consequences such as anxiety, depression, anguish, loss of sleep, alcoholism , smoking, drugs, without a doubt, sport should be the allowed way to mitigate this impact.- We have requested a report on the subject from a sports psychologist who fully supports what is mentioned here

– Protocols for the safe practice of sport: Throughout the pandemic, the UAR and URBA have issued and submitted to the relevant bodies the protocols to be followed by clubs and players to return to the game safely. All of them are adapted to the indications that government health agencies have provided on the subject.

To those already known and applied in different sports, we have added those limitations on habitual activities that rugby presents in its normal development:

• Suspend the use of changing rooms and showers until further notice

• Possible quick tests to players and staff

• Number of people authorized per game: 23 players per team, staffs, doctors, referees and game director (maximum 70 people per game between both teams).

• Suspension until further notice of “third time” and “previous camaraderie lunch”

• Unauthorized public attendance until further notice

• Players with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis will be disqualified from accessing any club.

• They must present a post-COVID-19 cardiological qualification to return to activities.

For all the above, and making ourselves available to clarify or expand this presentation, we reiterate our request for authorization to carry out our tournaments throughout the scope of your jurisdiction, being exempted from the general guidelines on the prohibition of sports practice taking into account our nature as a federated sport of high competition and youth development under clear parameters of organization and institutional control by an entity that disseminates and organizes sport within its jurisdiction since 1899.

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