UEFA ruled out vaccination of teams due to different health situation of countries

UEFA ruled out vaccination of teams due to different health situation of countries

The organism contemplated the application of vaccines for the selections that dispute the Eurocopa, but concluded that it was not possible

The UEFA considered the possibility of offering vaccination to all teams that are going to participate in the Eurocup which opens this Friday, but discarded it due to the different health situation in each of the countries and the priority in all of vaccinating first the population groups at risk.

“After a thorough analysis the UEFA concluded that it was not going to be possible from an ethical and organizational point of view, since the vaccination of priority groups is still considered a priority above all and the progress and availability of vaccines for the entire population in all countries would not have been achieved by the time of the beginning of the Eurocup“, he pointed to EFE the organism.

Faced with this conclusion vaccination is not mandatory for participants and each of the 24 teamsBased on your situation in the health crisis, you have made your own decision.

Unlike other editions, the competition is being played this year in cities in eleven European countries to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its creation and the health reality is different in each one of them.

That is why there are teams that will come with part of their players and their coaching staff vaccinated and others such as Italy and Turkey, who will face each other in the opening match in Rome this afternoon, and Spain, whose members were vaccinated today, who will do so completely.

In France, for example, some footballers like Kylian Mbappé, have been able to get vaccinated by their own decision; in Poland the majority have done it during the previous concentration, in Russia some members of the team have also done it, as in Belgium, where the Government accepted the request of the Federation to give priority to the team although not all were vaccinated.

In other countries such as Austria, general vaccination has been ruled out since the doctors of their selection did not want to risk possible side effects and the national teams of Denmark, Sweden and Finland ruled it out.

The positives for covid-19 registered this week in the national teams of Spain and Sweden have generated disparity of opinions on the convenience of vaccination and also on the appropriateness of doing it now, days before starting to compete, due to possible side effects.

This was one of the aspects referred to yesterday by the Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, after the Government accepted this Wednesday the request of the Spanish Federation (RFEF) to immunize the internationals.

Finally, three days after its premiere, after evaluating the situation of each player, today the internationals who have already overcome the coronavirus or received a first dose of Pfizer completed the two necessary and the rest received Jansenn as they were single doses and needed fewer days to reach maximum immunization.

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