Who is better? A Formula 1 figure compared Hamilton and Verstappen: “It’s super fast”

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The 2021 season is leaving one of the most anticipated duels for fans of the Formula 1: Hamilton vs Verstappen. The comparison has already started to appear, especially with the bad time the team is going through Mercedes and the leadership of the world championship by the Dutch driver. However, one of the figures in the category has already chosen one: “It’s super fast”.

Max verstappen he took four points away from Hamilton in the fight for the drivers’ title, something not seen in a long time. For its part, the team Red bull, already takes 26 units to Mercedes. This caused all kinds of comparisons, and obviously with it came the controversy. Eddie irvineAs a former pilot, he immersed himself in this comparison and gave his verdict.

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Who is better?

The former partner of Michael Schumacher on Ferrari stressed that both drivers are the best of today. “Today you have to say that Lewis hamilton he’s probably still the best driver, but Verstappen is definitely the fastest rider what is there at the moment and it is fantastic to see them ”, highlighted the ex-Ferrari driver.

In addition, Irvine was encouraged to compare Verstappen with his former partner, Michael Schumacher. “Verstappen has always been super fast and you can see that he is by far the most dominant team leader on the grid. He has had many different second drivers on the team and none of them have come close to him. So it’s a bit like the effect Michael Schumacher had, “he said.

Finally, Irvine noted that Hamilton has few weak points, which Max must take advantage of to win the title. “Lewis has been outmatched at times by his teammates, so it would have to be said that Verstappen is probably the best talent, although Lewis is a consummate professional and has very few weak points. I think Hamilton is getting old now and his pace is not as good as it used to be, but he is still, as I insist, a consummate professional. “

Source: Official Twitter Max Verstappen

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