It stung! Deiveson Figueiredo’s push to Brandon Moreno in the UFC 263 preview

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Deiveson Figueiredo.

In the last hours, Deiveson Figueiredo Y Brandon Moreno went viral on social media. The Brazilian champion pushed Brandon Moreno in the face to face prior to the UFC 263, becoming a trend later on digital platforms. In that way, the expectation for what will be the rematch between them is getting bigger and bigger. If the weather was already tense, that made it worse.

This Friday afternoon, the last face-to-face was held prior to the event. In him, when Figueiredo Y Brown They went up on stage, everything seemed like it was going to be quiet. But, unexpectedly, the Brazilian decided to push his challenger with great violence, although it caused nothing but laughter in the Mexican. He didn’t get what he expected, but he will try to knock him out and retain the belt.

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A few days ago, in dialogue with MMA Junkie, Figueiredo he dictated: ‘I didn’t see it as a draw. I won that fight, despite everything that happened. From Friday to Saturday I had a bowel disease. I did not sleep at all. I went to the hospital twice. The second time I went to the hospital, I checked in at 8 at night. I was discharged at 4 in the morning. It was a painful ordeal. Even though I was sick, I won that fight.

Now that I am healthy, I will show my true self. I’m sure I will knock out Brandon. This second time, I will be able to show how much I have evolved, “he also said. Deiveson. At the same time, Brown She reported: “Right now my confidence is very, very high. I need to be smart, I understand that he is powerful, he is real, he is a true opponent, he is a true fighter, that’s why he is a champion.

But my confidence is very high, I know I can do really good damage in this next fight against him. I can be more aggressive because my whole game plan in two weeks. Obviously, it’s all just words, but you need to see the next Brandon Moreno. I am trying to stay focused on my conditioning. I’m working a lot on my body and my conditioning », he closed Brandon.

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